Name Luhto
Jewelsmith, former Vanguard of the First Age
Outward Appearance

With long red hair, oft plaited with beads of gold and glittering ornaments, and eyes that are of an alluring grayish-blue, like that of mist over the sea, Luhto makes a striking image. His face is fair and seems to belong to a man of youth, like all of his kind, though the weight of his eyes speaks of great age.


He likes to decorate himself with circlets of various metals, studded with various gems, along with many types of jeweleries that he seems to have an endless supply of, and if one has been in his presence long enough they soon learn that he crafts them all himself. Even the gems that flicker upon his sword and his shield, like a multitude of stars all in different colors, were placed by his own hands.


His garments are usually the color of wine, or other such rich, darker hues. His expression quick and watchful, and always there seems to lurk behind his eyes something that wishes to laugh at what he sees.


The Light of the Trees shines within his eyes and his face. An obvious feature to those who knows what it looks like, and seems to make his jewelery shine all the brighter upon his brow.


Luhta- (Q. "to enchant") -o (Q. masc. male name ending). Luhto- (Q. "enchanter")

Luhto was born to Noldorin parents in the Undying Lands, early in the days of the Eldar, who were both devoted to Aulë and the learning of crafts from the Vala. At a young age, Luhto was naturally entranced by such arts as well, and when he became old enough he also entered under the tutelage of Aulë, like so many others of his kind in their youth. There, he found his talent and love for the gems of the earth in particular, and helped his kin dig and craft them into their greatest works. 

With a desire to enrich the world with beauty, Luhto found himself upon the shores of Alqualondë, bringing gifts of gems to his Telerin kin with the other Noldor, and helping them build their houses with jewels glittering inside their walls. It gave him great pride to see the houses glimmering in the light of the stars, and to help the Teleri fashion and work with the pearls they loved so much.

He married his wife within the bliss of Aman, and was a part of Fëanor's host when they left Tirion. It was a cruel twist of fate that he helped slay the very people who he took such joy in working with and helping many years ago, but Luhto's anger over their perceived betrayal, and the works of the Enemy, were too much for him to see reason. With Fëanor leading him, he helped take the ships from the sea-elves. Though, his leader's paranoia led to him being left behind when Fëanor secretly stole the ships from the Noldor and sailed to Middle-Earth. The High King only took his most trusted men, and apparently Luhto had not been one of them, in his mind.

From then on, stung by this next betrayal, Luhto swore loyalty to Fingolfin and followed him throughout the Grinding Ice, and until his death. His loyalty was passed from king to king in Fingolfin's line and last to Gil-galad. Now he resides in Mithlond, near the shores that remind him vaguely of Alqualodë, occasionally travelling, until he will sail to the West.

His wife: Ulhlusse , two cousins on this side of the Sea, an aunt, and the rest are in the West
His wife, jewels and anything related to their craft, light, creating things, wine, decorating himself
Orcs, being interrupted in the middle of his work, not having anything to work on, getting wet, stubbornness
To bring beauty wherever he walks

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Luhto's Adventures

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