Gilorien of Ossiriand

Name Gilorien
Guardian of the Forest
traveling the woods
Outward Appearance

Gilorien is about 6 feet tall and has dark brown, long hair up to her shoulders. Her hair shimmers in a silver light, reflecting the paternal line of her descent. When the sun shines on her head in a certain angle, it looks as if she had silver hair from the distance.


She got her mothers eyes of dark green color, as green as the Woods of Ossiriand. Furthermore, she has a rather wild look in her eyes that turns fierce if looking upon her enemies (which includes the descendants of Fëanor and most Dwarves), probably resulting from the long life without any King or ruler.


Gilorien is of fair skin, which does not get tanned no matter how much time she spends beneath the woods of middle earth.


Her voice has a soft yet slightly deep tone and she speaks Nandorin (including Ossiriandish) and Sindarin, although with a strong ossiriandic accent. Over time the accent lessened due to the fact that she spent much time in Doriath and befriended several Sindar during her stay.


Gilorien was born in the Lands of the Seven Rivers, alongside the river Duilwen a long time ago. She grew up in an age where her people, the Laiquendi, had no King nor ruler and thus she enjoyed a carefree and simple life, full of joy and music.

Her father Celephinros however, lived during the reign of Denethor, King of the Laiquendi and grew grim after his death. He trained himself and his family in the arts of combat, so that a time would never come where they are defenseless again. Celephinros trained his daughter in the dark woods of Nan Elmoth and Gilorien's skills with a blade developed quickly. She often accompanied her father to Doriath, and the Sindar took a liking to their long lost kin.

Over the years, she grew very fond of the Sindar and spent much time with them. She even acted as a protector when the sons of Fëanor wanted to claim the Silmaril and attacked Doriath and its people. Many of her friends were slain, including Dior, son of Luthien and Beren and ruler of Doriath. Gilorien, among other elves, both Sindar and Laiquendi, accompanied Elwing, daughter of Dior, when she fled to the Mouth of Sirion. They made to the Havens of Sirion where Gilorien was astonished by the harmonious interactions between Men, Noldor and Sindar. She enjoyed the peaceful life and the hustle and bustle at the havens.

It was in Sirion where Gilorien found solace after the grim battle in Doriath. Ironically, she got over the grief of loosing several friends during the Second Kinslaying thanks to a young Noldo, Maethoril was her name. She was a cheerful, lively and curious elf. Over time their relationship developed into a deep friendship. But rather sooner than later, Gilorien longed for the cover of trees and missed the flowing rivers of Ossiriand. And soon after, she departed for her homeland. But she was not alone. Curious as Maethoril was, she went with her to see the Lands of the Seven Rivers, of which Gilorien always spoke in high regards.

In the years (or rather decades and centuries) that followed, Gilorien visited many places, but nothing compared to the woods and rivers of Ossiriand, not even the beautiful golden lands of Lothlorien. She was and is still drawn to the beauty of the forest and this is were she feels most at home. 

the Nandor and Sindar
Celephinros (father) and Benieth (mother)
sons (and other descendants) of Fëanor, Dwarves
stars, woods, climbing trees, a quiet and peaceful life, to reminisce about ancient times, singing, the freedom to do what she wants, honing her combat skills
war, dictations, to be confined by laws and regulations
to preserve all that is good and green in this world

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Gilorien's Adventures

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