Joly Fairbarn

Name Joly
Young Adult
Hobbiton-Bywater in the Shire
Outward Appearance

Joly Fairbarn is about 2.5 feet tall (or small) and rather slender as Hobbit standards go. As most members of the Fairbarn family, Joly has curly hair of golden color. She often wears her hair in a bun, tied with a green hair ribbon and is particularly proud that her hair looks less curly this way. Handy for gardening activities as well.

She often spends time in the woods or the gardens of the Shire and thus her skin is slightly tanned. Her eyes are as blue as the ponds of Bywater and her face is round and jovial with slightly red-toned cheeks. Her ears are small and pointed (but very different from Elves) and they turn easily red when angered. 

Joly has a somewhat shrill voice when agitated, which draws some much loved attention to her. She speaks fluent Hobbitish, a dialect of the common tongue. As her family resides in close proximity to the Borders of the Elven realm of Lindon, she knows a bit Sindarin as well, but does not speak it well.


Hullo, I am Joly Fairbarn. A pleasure to meet you. No, indeed you may have the pleasure to meet me! I am a proud member of the Fairbarn family, descendant of Samwise the Brave and the jewel of my family. *chuckle* But don’t tell that my sister Daisy. She claims to be the fairest of us all, but I know better! No, I am not overly confident, you ignorant moron! Ehem *harrumph* Where was I? …Oh, yes, my family. The best gardeners in all The Shire! Every pupil who has some sense in him (and can afford it) calls my family to tend to their garden! I am the daughter of Wollo Gardner (former Gamgee) and Lily Greenhand, cousin of Elfstan Fairbarn, son of Fastred of Greenholm, second Warden of Westmarch.

My mother is a respectable hobbit. In her earlier days she was beloved by many of the male hobbits and her beauty is still ever-present, even though her age is showing. And the way she tended to the flowers was renowned throughout the Shire. She would always wear a little lily of rose color in her hair, accentuating her golden hair. 
I inherited her beauty of course! And her talent for gardening. Sometimes, after a client reviews my gardening work, they would say thing like “you even surpass your mother’s work” and “your work is a compliment to even the most skilled gardeners”. That makes me very proud! Sometimes people even wonder how I manage to keep their flowers blossoming for such a long time. “Trade secret” I’ll often tell them. And that’s about it! If you were reading up on me for a chance to discover my secret to my exceptional gardening skills, then I’ll gladly say this to you once and for all: I. WON’T. TELL. YOU.

You want to know where I live? Oh, I live (or rather I lived) in a very lovely hole near the Tower Hills, in the town of Undertowers, founded by my grandfather Fastred, first Warden of Westmarch, granted by King Elessar himself! You don’t know where that is? Oh, have you no Hobbit sense?! It lies 100 miles west of Hobbiton. Of Hobbiton you must have heard! The town of Undertowers lies a little to the east of Tower Hills, and serves as a boundary between The Shire and the Elven realm of Lindon. Oh, gracious elves! I was privileged to meet a beautiful elf maiden. She taught me a secret. Want to know what it is? Ha, I won’t tell you! *sticking out tongue*

Me and my family always had close ties with the Hobbits of Hobbiton. Even after we moved to the town of Undertowers. They are an excellent sort (except for the Sackville-Bagginses). And my family always had many clients in Hobbiton (remember that i told you we are a family of gardeners?). For this reason my father and mother decided to move back to Hobbiton. I rejoiced when i heard that we would make for Hobbiton, for I always liked to go to the Green Dragon and the pond of Bywater is the loveliest spot in all the Shire!

every respectable Hobbit of course!
the Fairbarns of Undertower, Gamgees of Hobbiton
Enemies of the Shire
Elves, all things made of wood, flowers, gardening, singing
Brigands, gossip behind her back about herself, her family and of other respectable folk, being treated like a child (especially by the Big Folk), anything that's creepy and alive like insects and spiders
to delight everyone with my presence!
"The gall of some folk!"

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