Flynagin Newleaf

Name Flynagin
Whatever will get him out the door with some food in his belly
Young, mid-twenties at the time of the War of the Ring.
Traveler, but can sometimes be found in Bree.
Outward Appearance


Just scraping six foot three, stands Flynagin Newleaf of Combe, tall and lanky. Often seen in the company of a tankard, he could easily be considered a drunkard. At present, his hair is cut short and is rather wavy, and it could even be considered to be somewhat curly. His jaw adorns a scruffy beard of identical colour to his hair.  Lastly, his eyes are a dull, yet deep shade of grey-green.
When in town, his attire is plain and comfortable, consisting of a worn-out, grey shirt, usually with a vest or waistcoat to complete the outfit. However, out of town, it would not be unusual to find his waistcoat substituted for several pieces of leather armour strapped firmly onto his chest and shoulders. It would be quite clear that the armour is leaned less for the use of protection and more for his own maneuverability. 
At his waist hangs his sword, usually kept smugly in its sheathe. When given the 'privilege' to see the weapon unsheathed, one would find that it mirrors its master in its sleek, swift build. It would be quite clear that the sword is built purely for speed and accuracy rather than power. His shield is smithed from durable metals with a wooden frame, and would appear to be rather heavy, though the manner and speed in which its used may suggest otherwise. On his back he adorns a fine oaken longbow, which some would surely question his ability to wield.
Finally, his muscular build is not overly imposing, nor do his arms carry as much strength as most, with the majority of his muscle residing in his lower-body. 




From barkeep, to diver to treasure-hunter to professional tree-climber; Flyn is a unique man of many professions. Of late he is rarely seen in Bree other than to enter and leave his house, which, even this is an unusual occasion. Most of what he does is a mystery to those apart from his close friends, but when in town, he is merry as ever, drunk more often than sober, at not far from his pipe. At the same time, however, it has not been unusual for Flynagin to disappear entirely for several months at a time, only fueling to the air of suspicion around his lifestyle.

Despite distancing himself from meeting new folks, he’s often seen in the company of several foreigners, most of which carry tankards of ale suggesting that he’s not exactly anti-social, but instead reserved to his own private group of friends.


A few of his companions from his not-so-ill fated adventures, Sefa, Rinni, and Guvadan being chief among them
None which he is still in contact with.
The great outdoors, Swimming, Climbing trees, and venturing to new places.
Winters, Snow, the Cold.
A real treasure becomes such only after it's been desperately sought after.

Flynagin's Adventures

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Flynagin's Adventures

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Flynagin's Gallery