Miss Bietrix Sweetmeadow

Name Bietrix
Her family's city home in Bree
Outward Appearance

Flaxen hair, hazel eyes, and a will to wrestle with, Bietrix stands at 5'7, taller than the average Bree woman. She wears no rings on her fingers, yet a ribbon in the hair piled atop her head. Courting, but unwed, she seeks her suitors without love. Marriage is only a contract--something pre-requisite for brighter things.

And yet, there is something wayward in her eye, over a tankard of her family's cider. Something sly in the way she shifts her skirts. Loud-mouthed, impetuous, with a low tolerance for stupidity, there is something deep inside her which longs to play the fool.

Banner Art by Guiseppe Dangelico


"She had gold, she had grace
Hide, woman, hide
But she's never learnt a lady's place
She won't lay down her pride"

- "Hide" by Emily Portman

Born to new money, inheritance has dogged Bietrix's steps from the moment she first took them. She was raised in easy trappings--a soft childhood and comfortable adolescence, where all that she desired was but a question from her fingertips. Should requests fail, her temper would easily win her way, and this has never changed.

Her brother James was always milder by far, with brown eyes like a dappled fawn, and the moods to match. He was easy to love, where she was not, and in his company she often struggled to win her father's favor. And yet somehow, he always seemed to dote upon her over James in the end, no matter how spoiled or troublesome she might be. 

A family so new to prosperity has many concerns. Stability, good marriages, reputation... Each story of success holds a closet full of skeletons, and Bee is not afraid to turn the key.

Tradition states that the father's wealth should pass to the eldest male heir, and yet there is none better learned, better prepared to manage business; none with a keener mind nor sharper tongue than herself, and she will risk everything for it. Deals must be struck, bets must be placed, and certain longings must go unfulfilled. But in the end it will all be worth it. And if not, there are always secrets better left unturned.

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2. Daniel Gerhartz

Father: Barnard [NPC] || Mother: Mathilde [NPC] || Brother: James [NPC]
Arthur, but not for terribly personal reasons at the moment.
To inherit her father's business and countryside estate.

Bietrix's Adventures

Bietrix's Adventures

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Bietrix's Gallery