Forolim the Northern Light

Name Forolim
Ranger of the North
Outward Appearance

The most remarkable trait of Forolim's appearance is the light spring in her step, as if she were ever so slightly dancing through the scenery. She has a way she sways her hips, rolls back her shoulders as she glides through the sets, as if always composing her motion. When she gets excited, she would tap her foot on the floor repeatedly, as if to speed up the pace at which events are taking place.


Forolim's hair is a dark, deep black hair, that has some violet undertones, that one could pick up on on a sunny day. It's rather naturally divided through a part in the middle, and falls straight to her shoulders. She usually braids it when going on adventures, in order to be more functional.

Her face is round and full, with definite cheekbones held high up under eyes, that shift diagonally to lift up until her ears.


Her lips are rather small but well shaped, with a plumb inferior lip, and an upper lip with a small cupid's bow, giving the impression that her lips are round all over, which makes her look as if she is always pouting.


Forolim's eye are almond shaped, a greyish green comparable in color to the water of the moors, or the algae floating in such stagnant body. Their color under the light turns into a silvery grey, that seems to make her pupils almost transparent. She has bushy straight eyebrows, with only a slight arch at the end, which makes her look much more concerned than she really is. She likes to convey emotion through them, whether one is raised or two, quizzically.


Forolim's body is that of a young girl, she has grown to become a rather petite woman, though she does not lack feminine features, which add thickness in contrast to her small frame.

One body feature most people notice first, is her small hands, almost childlike, that couldn't wrap completely around a fully grown pear.


As per dress, Forolim likes to appear in a casual linen dress for formal events, though you may catch her in full set of ranger gear, if you ever cross her path in an adventure. She does not care much for aesthetics in clothing, but rather for functionality and utility.


Celonlinn, Thorontirn, Ulfey
finding one's self
Let the light find your way.

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Forolim's Adventures

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