Hilfar, son of Ullfar

Name Hilfar
Stripped of any rank
Exiled, wanders
Outward Appearance

Names and titles: Hilfar Ullfarul, Sigin-Tarâg (Hillfar son of Ullfar, Longbeard)

Overall appearance: Hilfar has a heavy build, not by strength of arm but the size of his large belly. His long red haired beard stretches over his chest. Behind the beard you will often find a friendly smile. His stocky legs and feet in combination with his weight nails this dwarf to the ground like a rooted tree.

Clothes: He usually wears light clothing or robes with natural colors, brown or green, it reflects his love for plants and the earth. On the road he often wears chainmail covered by a warm tunic.

Religion:  Strong faith in Mahal the creator.

Skills: Eye for detail and a passionate brewer of potions. Knows a lot about cultivating plants and processing their secret abilities. His friendly character makes him a good salesman. Also quite a good haggler and very skilled with money. Has some skills with mining ores and gems.

Combat: Skill of arms is less than the average dwarf, he is slow but strong. When he hits it is a hard blow. He prefers blunt weapons such as clubs and maces that limits the amount of blood spraying on his precious beard.

Character: Friendly to all the free folk, yes also elves. Polite manners, yet one may think he speaks too loud.  Behind his friendliness hides a patient and calculated dwarf with a keen eye for making money. He is cautious and patient and does not easily show his temper and insecurity.



Born in the safe blue mountains in the western lands, Hilfar had a youth like many other young dwarven boys. Playing in the caves chasing cave claws, pretending to kill goblins with sticks and stones. When Hilfar was 15 his grandmother Rurna died, with whom he had a close bond. In her final week, Hilfar went to visit her. She smiled at the young and a bit sluggish looking Hilfar. She went to the cupboard and took out something heavy. As she removed the cloth wrapping a dusty old tome was revealed. She smiled “I want you to have this, may it serve you as well as it did serve me.” Hilfar took the tome looking in awe and carefully went through the pages, the book written in Khuzdul described a great selection of plants and herbs and what beneficial uses it possesses.  Rurna was a familiar healer and this book used to be a foundation to her work. Hilfar stored this book safely and left it untouched for a couple of years.

Life of trade
Hilfar worked in the mines together with his father, Ullfar wanted to learn him the fine art of jewelry and trade. Although, no matter how hard Ullfar tried, Hilfar did not share his passion for stones. Instead, Hilfar kept reading the book he got from Rurna and started to collect the flowers and herbs in the wild. Most species were not found in the Ered luin region. He concluded most species described in the book are found in warmer regions or were simply lost through the years. Nevertheless, his collection of dried plants and seeds were getting quite impressive through time. When he experimented with ointments and healing balms Hilfar got a reputation as the “new Rurna”. He created a network of healers which he could supply with his cures and salves. What started as a hobby was lowly turning into a profitable work. Together with his father they now trade their goods with their kin, or with the halflings of the Shire or the men living in Bree. Their markets stall has many different wares including homemade jewelry, potions, and ale

Trading company DFTC
The life of a trader by the end of the third age was not an easy job. The constant danger lurking in every corner endangered the trade routes in the west, making it almost impossible to move about freely without getting attacked. Hilfar and his father decided to give up their independent ways and applied to be part of the Durin's Folk Trading Company (DFTC). Hilfar got promoted to Trade Master of the remote mining outpost Othrikar. He now is responsible for the resource output of this old mining facility for the benefit of the Longbeards. The Othrikar DFTC group consists of two miners, a hunter, a wood-chopper, scout and a guard. Another mining company of the rich dwarf Lord Goldthumb (GMC) is competing with the ore-winning of the DFTC. But that is not the only worry, Dourhands prey on those mines as well and not forget that the shadow of Angmar poses a threat to this mining outpost.    

His lust for wealth drove him to the deeps of Khazâd-Dum seeking riches and most of all, mithril. The orc oppression was fierce and he lost too many friends down in the deep. Terrible things happened, some say the mithril drove him mad, but as of now, no-one will speak of it eagerly. 

Stripped of honor and place to live, Hilfar wanders. No dwarf from the blue mountains has seen him for years.


The journal of a potion maker

Trade routes

Durin's Folk Trading Company

The Goldthumb Trial



Many he would call his brother, but his father iwill always be the best friend he ever had.
Father: Ullfar, Uncle: Bregnar
Goldthumb or "Stormhand"
A good bargain.
Fighting. Bloodshed. Goblins.
Become a wealthy trader.

Hilfar's Adventures

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Hilfar's Adventures

Hilfar's Gallery

Hilfar's Gallery