Name Ellae
Prancing Pony servant
Early 30s
Outward Appearance

Ellae is very tall, especially for a Breelander reaching over 6 ft 2 inches / 1.85m!  She's also rather thin, except maybe for the hips.

Another striking feature is her very long, well maintained brown hair, reaching halfway down her back. Her face can be described as pretty, if a bit blessed by a long nose and two small birthmarks, one close to her upper lip, the other on her cheek. The thing that makes her face look pretty is the pleasant expression, usually a bantering grin. When she smiles, funny dimples appear in her cheeks, her eyes become sunny arcs.

Her eyes have a peculiar green colour, remarkable since Breelanders usually have brown eyes. She tends to avoid direct eye-contact, but it seems more out of being on the lookout for guests or a busy mind rather than a sign of being nervous or insecure. ​She has a rather high pitched clear voice, giggles easily​, this giggle can be either annoying or contagious.

Her hands look very red. Is it because of all the laundry?

You will see this woman do all kinds of chores in the Prancing Pony, as a servant of Barliman Butterbur. She likes to introduce herself as the housekeeper of the tavern, but the title is meaningless, as all servants seem to perform more or less the same tasks such as: serving drinks and food, cooking, cleaning, the laundry, dishwashing, small maintenance, being a Bree tour guide, mediating in bar brawls, matchmaking, bandaging, providing gossip, rodent extermination...

Always in for a laugh, she can't hide her dark sarcasm, confusing it for a sense of humor. 

She seems less patient with visitors from far lands who seem unwilling to adapt to the customs of their host, and they invariably have to endure her snide remarks.


Born in Bree, also known as 'Shorty' 

If not already, you could become one!
Something you could find out if you're interested
to chat, to laugh, to play her harp
people cutting the line, people who don't say 'please', people wearing masks, male chauve p!gs
making people happy by providing food, drinks and lodgings is very rewarding

Ellae's Adventures

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Ellae's Adventures

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Ellae's Gallery