Addiel Telner "Addie"

Name Addiel
Stewardess of House Thalanduin
Outward Appearance

A young maiden with pale opalescent skin, and rosey cheeks. Her complexion is clean and clear, as is the soft skin of her hands. It is apparent that she has not been subject to manual labor, or any type of work that would leave scars and callouses to be worn like badges of accomplishment.


With hair the color of sun-bleached flax, unfurled in waves around the soft roundness of her face; she keeps it cut neatly just above the nape of her neck. Her eyes are wells of deep cerulean blue, like the darkening dusk upon a clear winter sky.


She wears a golden ring, glistening with black onyx, bearing the sigil of a wolf howling to a sapphire encrusted moon.


Often she is shy and pensive, stumbling over her words when prompted to speak, but her voice would overflow with kindness. Recently trained with the use of a shortsword, her avoidance of conflict leaves her inexperienced with combat. However, her upbringing in needlework, and studious efforts make her an effective mender of wounds. 


As youngest of three daughters in a wealthy merchant family, Addiel was cast under the shadow of her elder sisters and their successful businesses in silk trade and seam stressing. Without talents of her own, and a weak constitution, she fell under the threat of arranged marriage by her father. Encouraged by her mother, who was once a barmaid of Bree, she has sought out work at the Prancing Pony - in training to become a stewardess of her own establishment one day and exert independence that would free her from such a fate.

It was at the Inn of the Prancing Pony that she found comfort in the calling of a barmaid, along with the encouragement and support of Butterbur's Staff. However, as the seasons passed, so did the peaceful times of Bree as mayhem and violence spilled through the doors of the tavern behind every patron with a taxing toll on her waning innocence.

One day, she discovered a noble tenant within the inn; Sir Gerwolf Thalanduin of Gondor, a man reduced to a husk with an acrid poison pulsing through his veins. Addiel, along with her fellow barmaid Quineven, assisted the mysterious ranger Ivlathdur to bring the suffering man back from the edge of death, and onto a pathway of recovery. It was during the darkest hours, where every breath seemed to be the last, Addiel discovered her fondness for the nobleman that would grow into affection with each approaching dawn he endured to see.

No longer a barmaid, and sundered from her father's domination, Addiel realized her dream, and has become the stewardess of House Thalanduin, sworn and devoted to following Lord Gerwolf in rebuilding his family legacy.

(Lord) Gerwolf Thalanduin, (Master) Ivlathdur, (Head Cook) Athiena, Quineven, Rossethor and Nimeway, "Lil Blossom" Saph, Xeplemen, Caim, Bannermen of the House, and Patrons of the Prancing Pony
Acaeleus, Magaeus
Drawing, Stories, Music, and Laughter
Villians who kill without meaning, cruelty, and mice.
To assist Lord Gerwolf in restoring the legacy of his House
To the ends of the earth we ran, and like stars we fell one by one, down into a beautiful demise. But the saddest part wasn't losing each other, no it was getting so close to the end and just not being able to reach it.

Addiel's Adventures

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Addiel's Adventures

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Addiel's Gallery