Wardens of Westernesse

Founding date
30 January 3019, Third Age
Numenorean stewardship over Middle Earth by the return of the Northern Dunedain Kingdom
Main area of operations
Bree-land and Esteldin
Kinship type
All foul tribes of monsters in the Ettenmoors and criminal elements in and around Bree
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


The Wardens of Westernesse were formed when Estelrien, lady of Gondor came to Breeland to rally the remnants of the Dunedain to great deeds and stewardship over the land. We preserve and protect all things Numenorean and seek to rebuild the glory that was found once in the land of gift. We strive to temper our pride with service to all the free peoples of Middle Earth.

We seek to support all those who oppose the shadow, especially those who battle the accursed forces of Angmar in the Ettenmoors. Our numbers are small by design, but we wish to ally ourselves with any and all armies of the free peoples who wish to keep the Fragment of Mordrith's crown and the Gift of the Carrock safe.


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