25th March, year 3018 of the Third Age


We left the West Fold four days ago. Our horses seem nervous as we move through Dunland. Long time has passed since this land felt for the last time the march of an entire Éored on its own soil. Even the land itself seems to hate us. There's little to hunt, the days are hot and humid, and the water is not abundant now. We're not welcomed here. 

Nearly two days have passed since we left behind the Gap of Rohan. We're trying to move near the edge of the forest that surrounds the Misty Mountains, trying not to draw attention. We shall find the Glanduin and then go to the west. We could have went through the east of the main road but, we were informed about Dunlendings patroling through the road. We must be careful and try to evade the fight. Some of my men have reported about strange lights behind us, like little torches that shine in the dark of the night, and that fade away after a few moments. I've ordered my people to move quickly through these lands, and I've doubled the guard when we are camped. I don't like this place. 

Alharis has came with us, she stays with me almost all the time, and I love that. She gives me the forces that sometimes seem to run away from my body. Usually, she plays her harp every night, while my men and I listen to her songs, which have been transmited through the ages. Her beautiful tunes reassure us, and give us strength to march another day through these hostile lands. But the Dunlendings are not the only thing that worries me. I've heard strange tales about the Misty Mountains and we're very near to them...

My scouts have reported about the surrounding lands, there will be more villages to the north from now on. All of them inhabited by hostile Dunlendings and some creatures that look like men but seem more like the already known half-orcs. I'm worried about these creatures that my scouts have been seeing, and also about the mysterious lights that seem to stay always at the same distance from us. I'm afraid we'll have to move through the forest, although it seems to be leafier from here on. We'll have to be careful in the forest. It's not like Fangorn but, sometimes, there are things that should not be disturbed. 

A few miles ahead from the hill where we're camped, I can see where the forest ends, giving place to a deep and large valley in front of it. It's under the shadow of the Misty Mountains, where a cliff of quite height forms an almost vertical wall on the right side of the place. The valley seems completely free of trees, and that's not good. But, I think it's not too large so we should be able to cross it in just a few hours, if we mount. Then we should remain under the protection of trees until meet the Glanduin. 

I think I've been awake for almost two days. I hate these lands, desolation clings to this land as it does the dirt on those who inhabit it, it's a cursed place... I must take care of my men... And I care about her. Now is the time when I wish Alharis had stayed in Rohan... If something were to happen to her I would never forgive myself ... Never.