Of Great Loss and Duty

It has been several months since I saw Fangion and Faeleth to the shores of Mithlond, with a heavy heart filled with woe. It was appropriate that we reached the port in autumn, the last of the falling leaves clinging onto the branches that hung loosely over the stone structures. The passing of one life and beginning of another. I had been dreading this moment for some time, for we, the three of us, had weathered many seasons together spanning over centuries of companionship. Fangion was more than a friend, but a mentor and an influence to my own character. Whilst Faeleth was a confidant, kind and fair by all accounts; someone who succeeded in lifting my spirits even in the darkest of times. We had fought together, we had bled together, and now at the shores of the West, we said farewell together.

We stood in silence for some time watching the calm waters ripple against the harbour. None of us said a word, but it was Faeleth who acted first by putting a hand upon my shoulder. She summed up a thousand unspoken words in just a single look. There was pain, mingled with sorrow, but more importantly there was a look of affection in her eyes which I knew from my heart was shared. I knew Fangion well enough to know that he wouldn’t say anything either. He was a proud, stoic sort with little time for emotion. But he was loyal, that much was certain, which he has proven ten times over in our struggles together.

We had exchanged words over the passage of time, nothing more need be said. I saw them both onto a ship that awaited their arrival where a small gathering of elves already stood. I too felt the call of the sea, but I would not yet surrender to it; not yet. I still had a purpose here in Middle-Earth and would not yield until I had seen it done. If it be so that I would have to see this conclusion alone, so be it. Fangion and Faeleth would not be the first I had lost to Valinor.

As the ship set sail and my friends grew distant beneath a vanilla sky, I turned to leave. Golden leaves fluttered about my feet as a soft wind drifted across the ground. All those whom I had known in the elder days were gone, whilst I shall resume the struggle and resist the call.