Tyl Annún Titan’s Fall

There comes a time in every man's life

To face head on hardship and strife,

And Angmar's trolls do count.


Atop the fair Tyl Annún isle

Stood such a troll, wretched and vile:

Angmar's proud Titan.


I've found him swagger, laugh and gloat

In all his hubris he did bloat

Atop the fair Tyl Annún isle

Where the Sunken City he aimed to defile:

Invader of Annúminas, indeed.


I knew both fear and boiling rage

But in single combat I’ve engaged

This twenty feet tall invader.


The troll swung his hammer left and right

And stomped and howled with all his might

And dirt was in the air

Atop Tyl Annún isle fair.

And I've dodged, bobbed and weaved

As best as I knew.


It seemed that darkness only grew.


But the troll got tired rather quick

His guard left down, so I could stick

A dagger up his leg.


Humbled, he knew how to beg.


And so the Titan of Tyl Annún fell,

Angmar's finer beast of war.

One down, but many more to dispel

And I hope I didn't have you bored.