Best Friend

(This poem was originally written for the Fed Poets in an attempt to demonstrate the use of chiasmus in poetry, but I read it before the final judging at the Four Farthing Bree Combine Doggie Club Show roleplaying event organized by Masters Willywinkle and Hartten)


Old chum, I’d like to let you know,

 to understand why you’re my friend,

Companion true, through thick and thin,

 times good and bad, staunch to the end.

My heart is lifted when we play,

 such sport I find my spirits buoy,

You do not judge my faults and flaws,

 my foibles never you annoy.

Your presence soothes my troubled breast,

 in times of stress you bring me calm,

Trusting, as a team we work,

 do tasks where you are my right arm.

I laugh when I your antics see,

 as round you spin it makes me grin,

Intruders you will soon repel,

 and see off quick those who’d break-in.

You know my thoughts, I know it’s true,

 for sure I’m understood by you,

Evermore you’ll faithful be,

 steadfast for our whole lives through.

Tied by a bond of heartfelt love,

 by warm devotion tightly bound,

‘Good dog, heel, come, sit and stay,

 now go and fetch, you clever hound!’