Manna lendelyë?

There is life and there is death.

A child cries for his father.

The pain he knows I can only guess.

I don’t know what can be gained. 

I don’t know what can be lost. 

What is failure? What is success? 


There is life and there is blame.

Yesterday I was young, tomorrow a ghost.

After my soul is scattered, what remains?

Once I had no wine to drink.

Now I crave the wine that already came. 

What is glory? What is shame? 


There is life and there is day.

In the spring the flowers bloom,

In the fall they fade away.

My mouth is silent when I want to speak,

My eyes are empty when I want to see.

What is growth? What is decay?


And yet a hundred years have come and gone

But there was nothing wise men could do.

Those of the past have withdrawn.

And as I begin to cry,

I hear the distant hum of a melody.

Who is the king? Who is the pawn?


The world may suffer but what's the use?

In the end, the voices still sing.

After a thousand years, who knows the truth?


An updated drawing of Maidhuial. I hope you enjoy. ☺️

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Art and Poem by Me