Shredder Fists

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Control of Bree. Rule by people's conclave comprised of civilian militias.
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((Just contact us through LA or in-game if you would like to join the staff of the mythical pub and, subsequently, it's mercenary fugitives company.))

Shredder Fists is an organized outlaw group  residing within a legendary, mystical pub "Fallen Kingdom" located in a small village of Carlfeld, South-East of Bree.Hidden amidst mountains and thick trees, this little homestead has been a place of interest for many wanderers; hunters, mercenaries, bear-men,,enigmatic wizards and nomadic rangers - all sought harbor in that old lodge built on ruins of an old Arnorian outpost. Even neighboring hobbits, the least likeliest to travel away from home, somehow are regular accidental visitors to the pub that is ran by a notorious brawler dwarf Khornz "Bonez" Redbeard and a elusive bard-saboteur Klinsi the Indomitable. Running their separate businesses while combining effort of sustaining the place both materially and spiritually, the pair has turned this old relic into a living being again.



"If one wanders deep and long enough into the woods of South East - they will eventually find their way to the old lodge. A lodge is a place of peace and harmony, any attempt at disrupting it will call for wrath of nature that guards this mythical relic", spoke the leaves as another stranger approach the building. 

The Heart of the Village, Carlfeld, Bree-land Homesteads. 

((WIP but feel free to come to this place any time you want or organize events with us! We intend for this place to serve as a neutral ground for outlaws and people not keen to be in the city. As well as it being a potential conclave for different mercenaries and anti-authoritarian brigands))


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