A swirl of activity

I haven't written an entry in several days, I've been too tired. The moment I find my quarters is the moment I collapse into bed. Perhaps one day, I will have a home or 'hut' of my own, when I've worked for Butterbur long enough. The homes on this land are made of wood and glass.  I have yet to see a straw hut. There has been so much on my mind. New feelings, old feelings, I am thankful that I was taught how to write.  I don't think anyone in Dunland knows how to.

Charcoal and paper are treasures to me. Small treasures for a girl who cannot speak, like the rest of Middle-Earth, can. I've met many faces since I started to work for Mr. Butterbur.  Tandir.. or Araher as is his right name. A name in which I am forbidden to disclose to others. The ancestors clearly have a sense of humor. Now two men of North in my lifetime. Have professed their love for me. Well.. Nithron never told me. But his actions showed it. Araher.. the man is sweet but his love for me seems to have happened within the blink of an eye.  Then there is talk of him going away next spring. Must I always be the one that waits? Friends and lovers alike always seem to come and go. Of course.. I've only ever loved one man. 

Infatuation? Yes, I have known that before. Like the infatuation that comes with dancing, with a handsome stranger. I wonder what became of Ryheric? I have not seen him in weeks. Though bards are a wandering sort. I suppose it was to be expected. I did mean what I said when I wrote him a note though. There was something wholesome about those few encounters I did have with him.

I don't know.. I have much to sleep on and to ponder.