Aeneglain Tirith

Founding date
February 2011
To guard the paths for all people
Main area of operations
The paths of Middle Earth
Kinship type
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)




In ages past, proud wardens roamed the forest of Doriath, aiding in keeping the secrecy of the kingdom of Thingol and Melian safe.

When fate fell, and the Silmaril was brought before the king, his wisdom forsook him, he asked naugrim to join the silmaril and Nauglarim, they did, but when the king came to claim his prize, he was slain, and it ended with the sacking of the kings halls, by the very naugrim that had fitted the stone of Fëanor into jewellery.

Thus the guard of the wardens was betrayed from within.

Beren rose from Tol Galen, and the dwarves were hunted down, and slain, and the necklace brought to the fairest of all maidens, Luthien.

In time, the son of beren came to be king, Dior Half-elven.

Yet again fate conspired against the marchardens, when the sons of Fëanor laid siege to Menegroth, and once more, did elves kill elves, over the stones of ill fate.

Many of the remaining wardens bled their lifeblood that day, and only few remained to leave Doriath and Menegroth. In Shame.

For twice now had they failed to protect their king.

In time, Aeneglain Tirith was formed by survivors of Doriaths Marchwardens. To strive to keep all paths safe, and to aid any in their fight against the forces of evil.


The kin is a heavy roleplaying kin, with emphasis on being as true to the lore of Tolkien as possible.

Members are requested to partake in roleplaying events such as Hall of Fire and Wilderness Appreciation, and the kin can always be contacted in regards to playing a role should any roleplaying kin need a storyline filled.

Friendly help to any who ask it, and respect towards other players on the server. Always.



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