25. Aftermath

S.A 1700

Many years had passed since the events in Eregion. During the years a larger threat was clouding the lands. Another dark Lord that earlier had served as lieutenant for his former master in Beleriand was slowly gathering an army from the east. From the time Orneth was a prisoner there were reports about secret alliances both from the east and the west.

There was rumours that Prince Celebrimbor had just learned the skills to create valuable weapons from an emissary who claimed he was sent from the Valar. Orneth did not know everything in detail, but those weapons caused a tremendous chaos that caused a war between the Prince and the new Lord and leader from the east. Eregion was destroyed and once again Eldar's had to escape from the lands. Some said Celebrimbior were captured, tortured and killed. It was all dark, savage and evil rumours and Orneth did not know if all was true.

During all those events, Orneth, Falchon, Haldanáre, Mannamo and Lanyarë left Eregion with thousands of refugees that followed lieutenant Elrond and his army to the west. The journey to the west was long and tiresome and Elrond and his followers created a settlement by the foot of Misty Mountain, which Elrond called Imladris. This became a beautiful settlement which somehow became a key location to all the eldar who travelled through the lands.

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Houses were built and the main building were Elrond had his home, was called "The last homely house". A symbol and the first civilized house when the free people crossed the mountain towards the west and the last house before they travelled east. Orneth settled down in Imladris and had her new home next to Imlad Gelair which was a beautiful glade with a small lake nearby. It was silent there and very few disturbed her. She felt safe even if she knew that there was ill tidings all over the world.

Sauron was this new dark Lord's name and his forces were defeated by King Gil-Galad and the Númenóreans when they attempted to siege the havens. Sauron escaped back to the lands to the east and was not seen for many years.

Orneth was at unease and she did not like all the news and rumours she heard. She had been close to dread herself and what she saw in Manyamë's eyes still haunted her. Visions and nightmares seem to appear without any warnings. The dreams were all the same. A chase, a windmill and a possible assault she always woke up from. Orneth's memory of Manyamë had become more of a burden than a good one.

Seeing Falchon after the rescue had also been a diverse experience. A tight bond was forged back in the barracks. Unfortunally he had slowly changed after the release. After numerous talks with Lord Mannamo, he had joined Gil-Galads army. He seemed very distant and treated her nothing more than a person he barely knew. Orneth felt somehow hurt by this and she fell back into her comforting dreams about her family. Sometimes she thought about Marilo. He was always there for her in her imagination.

Falchon had made a huge impression after she saw him for real after the release. His resembles to his grandfather Mannamo was quite remarkable. He had his looks and personality, but what truly struck Orneth was his soft traits which seem similar to Marilo. It was the curse of this family-line she could not help being drawn too. Falchon was younger than Orneth, but during all gruesome events he has been through he looked elderly and he had shadows around his eyes that made him look melancholic and weary. Orneth felt empathy as he seemed a little troubled, but she also felt proud he has chosen a path that would probably help him and heal him.

Orneth truly missed him and she looked at the green gemstone she got from him. Why did he give it to her in the first place if he she didn't mean a thing?