17. Scarred soul

S.A 1350


She was speechless as she examined him, he looked at her puzzled. She took one step closer, "Naerchanar?" He turned to his men and said with a stern voice, "Leave!" His presence were very physical and Orneth could not help step back as he walked towards her. His eyes were not as friendly as she remembered, but he knew her name, "Orneth?" She forced forward a smile and looked at him. It was with a mix of feelings overwhelming her. She replied, "Yes it is me. You remembered me." He looked at her walking towards the table. He was mature and far more serious than she remembered him. She struggled to look at him, he was straight and stoic as a king would be and he had very fine clothing. She felt kneeling to him, but she did not. He once was a friend and she wondered if he remembered her. He talked very softly, "What are you doing here? They told me you were looking for someone." Orneth looked at him, he was different now and something had changed and suddenly she remembered her mission. "Naerchanar. Yes. Is she here?

He turned and looked at her. Orneth looked down, his eyes were piercing like needles. He once was her friend. She used to love him. "I do not know who you are looking for. I heard you came with Demdor. He once were my friend, but at the moment he is just a pain. I am not sure if I trust you!" Orneth felt her heart sank and she stared at Naerchanar. She then realized how hungry and tired she was and she felt dizy and then fainted


She woke up in another room. She got out from the bed and she had a horrible headache. Everything was a blur. She looked around in the room, it looked somehow foreign with curly ornaments on the bedposts and purple silk blankets and curtains. She left the room in the tent and went outside. She took a deep breath and trembled. Behind her she heard a voice, "Come here Orneth.." It was him she turned and he looked at her. He disturbed her somehow. She felt he was unreal and to polished. "Why are you here and why do you believe the person you are looking for is here?" She looked at him and spoke slowly, "We have been searching for Manyamë for years. The last clue we found in the guesthouse 'Golden Hope'. The clue led us here." He looked at her again, "Why are you here, who sent you?"


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Orneth looked at him and got frustrated, "I came on my own as you can see. Yes, I did join Mannamo's family to Eregion. We found Manyamë's name in the city-books. Several signs and clues led her here in this settlement. Do you even remember her?" Naerchanar looked at her looking very serious and narrowed his lips, "Of course.." Orneth looked at him and she could have sworn his eyes changed color to darker shade. He said, "You stay here for now. I do not know exactly why you are here. I find out.." Then he ran out the tent in haste.

Orneth pondered about Naerchanar behaviour. He was changed, he seemed to be more colder. There was no joy of reuniting or any smiles. No matter how changed he was, or how much hatred he had against the Noldor, Orneth knew how he once were. She knew if he got used to her, he may notice she had no bad intentions. She walked out from the tent and looked around.

The camp was large and it looked like something was temporarily put up. The eldar and the men around had fine robes. She wondered where they got their income from. Were they refugees or old soldiers? Probably a mixture of eldars that probably felt they did not belong in the main city of Eregion. They had found their way to the settlement which they now called Caranhoth.

The settlement were quite big in areal and as Orneth was walking through the pathways. She saw stalls, small houses and even farms at the outskirts of the settlement. After the first encounter with Naerchanar, Orneth decided to stay in the settlement for a few days. She had a mission. The mission was to find Manyamë. Too many coincidences had happened: - The Guesthouse where they found the map with the settlement highlighted, the son of Manyamë room, Naerchanar running the settlement. Besides once Manyamë and Naerchanar were very good friends. Would it be all that strange if Manyamë wanted to see him? Was he the reason Manyamë left Mithlond. Was Naerchanar the person she saw in blue hooded cloak? She had a feeling Naerchanar was hiding something from her. He also distrusted Orneth to be there for other reasons that just a place to stay. Why? Did he hide something?

Orneth spent the evenings to look around the camp. There were small pathways everywhere through lines of tents, cabins, stalls and stables. The people and the eldar there were somehow silent and diverse, but they did not seem to be outlaws, thieves or ruffians. They seemed to be followers of whatever they believed in.