13. Room ten

S.A 1350

Everyone was busy with their findings, Lady Lanyarë and Mistamë was downstairs exploring and preparing some food.

Orneth on the other hand remained upstairs at the guestrooms and started to explore the eighth and ninth room. The rooms were nothing more than a sad state. It was clearly it was a family who lived and shared these rooms. Clothes for children were left and some undone laundry. It was apparent and obvious they had left in a haste. Orneth sat down in the bed and her gaze wandered around the room. She was quite overwhelmed by all the findings and how time were just passing by in a blink of an eye. Manyamë , where are you? What has happened to you. Who and why did you have a son so early and why choose to have a family in Eregion? Was it you that was spoken about in the journal? A slave? Or are you the one who got killed? Orneth got pulled out from her thoughts when she heard voices outside the window. She pushed away the worn light-blue silk curtain from the window and looked down partly behind them. She saw Simawen and Marilo by the horses smiling and talking. She was quite certain they had a flirty tone. Orneth's heart sank. This painful lump in her stomach grew larger each time she saw him with her.

She decided to move forward from these two room into the last room. Room ten. She opened the door and before she even walked inside it, she felt something familiar. A flowery, sweet smell, tea-leaves of apple trees? Or was it a perfume? She gently stepped inside and she looked around. There was not much to see. The bed was empty of sheets and blankets and even the windows was missing its curtains. The desk was empty. She opened the closet and she saw a few pieces of clothes. A white, worn dress and some cloaks. She ran her fingers over the fabric and it was soft and warm. The cloaks were of deep red velvet and some were blue. She pulled it out and in the same very second some letters and a book fell on the floor.

Orneth gently picked up the letters and the book. She could not see the handwriting on the letters. Unfortunately it seems the envelope had been exposed to water and the ink was smeared all over the paper. She drew out the letters inside and the ink had met the same fate. She did not recognize the handwriting either. What she did discover was that some words were in Quenya. She started to read and it was hard to get the context. She thought she did see some words like: "My son was stolen. I had no choice..." She put down the first letter, the rest of the letters were more or less unreadable.

She opened the book hoping it would be a journal or a diary, but it was some stories from First age about the two trees of Valinor. She flipped through the book page by page. She had this alarming feeling. Something was amiss. She had this strange feeling that this room was special. She did not dare to hope, but at once she felt the smell in the room of flowers and tea blades. Something very familiar occurred to her, it reminded her about her braided flower wreaths and the pouches of tea's they were creating in Mithlond. She searched the closet more carefully, but she could not find anything.  Orneth tried to remember if Manyamë ever wore hooded cloaks. All she could remember was this mysterious man she talked to back in the days. She stared at the cloaks at the floor and then she suddenly saw some clothing was hanging behind the door. There was a jacket, towels and another cloak. Cloak in deep purple. She was about to investigate it when she heard Lady Lanyarë yelled from the first floor, "Soup and bread for those who want!"

Orneth took the cloak and shook it upside down and a key fell out. Orneth took it and wrapped inside a cloth and hid it inside her pouch on her belt.

Orneth closed the door and walked slowly through the hallway. She noticed herself be more observant and somehow she was drawn toward room number three. The diary with the locker. What if the key she found suit? She opened up room three. She looked around, but the diary were nowhere to see. It was just there for an hour ago? She realized that someone must have taken it, but who?

She decided to walk downstairs with her findings and tell everyone what she had found. Everyone that noticed the diary would be able to put one and one together.