A familiar sight

The market was bustling with folks as Ana made her way through the stalls, to the man whose cart was laden full of fruits and vegetables.  He greeted her with a nod, and the usual pleasantries’ as she looked over the items on offer.

Having gathered a selection of items to keep her new companions fed for the days to come, she moved on to the town vaults to settle some personal matters.  She was pleased to find everything was how it should be and that Maerle, true to her word, had only withdrawn that which was necessary for maintaining the household in Ana’s absence.

As she rode back to the village and her new accommodation, Ana considered this new employment – and those for whom she now seemed to be working.   She would need to find out some more about them in time, but for now, she would follow this path and see where it led. 

She knew she would also need to pay a visit to Maerle and the house, to discuss how things stood now that she was back in Bree.  She had no intention of returning there to live, so she needed to deal with the practicalities of that. But that was an issue for another day.    For now, her priority was making sure that those two back in the village didn't cause too much trouble - either with the neighbours or in fact between themselves.