12. Riddles and mysteries

S.A 1350

Orneth was admiring the tall white building rising above the treetops north. The sun behind it made the spire on the top glowing like silver and there were small rays from it that nearly formed the spire as a star. Yes, she knew it was a large guesthouse, but it reminded her about the huge enclave in Mithlond where Feawing often visited. It was indeed grandiose and there were hanging ivy's covering most of the white walls. It had this glorious shimmer and it was just beautiful. Orneth sighted of an overwhelming feeling. It was exciting and they were filled with expectations. There was something very solemn about this building. She could not let go this feeling that it felt abandoned. It was not ruined in any way nor was it damaged. It was just all this ivy's and flowers that seemed to grow wildly wherever like there was no one to look after it.

Mannamo said, "Rhaia!" His black horse stopped and he jumped off the horse. The others also did the same and entered the building after him.

Orneth was speaking softly to her brown horse and guided it towards a little pond next to the garden. "Tae, I will soon be back" She entered after the others as she often did, she looked around and it was no other building and houses around. She could see the city barely in the distance through the trees. When they entered they did not see anyone around all they could see was plates and cups piled up at the bar stand. The room could have been beautiful if it wasn't for the mess. The walls, ceiling and floors were in white marble, but somehow it seemed the decorations were either gone or stored away.

Lady Lanyarë spoke softly "It feels abandoned" Mannamo responded "Indeed it does" They went upstairs and there was this narrow white hallway with doors on each side. The doors were decorated with flowers and leaf carvings in the red wood. The doors were all the same so it was difficult to differ one door from another. Mannamo carefully knocked on the doors to see if anyone was around, but no one seems to respond, there was no sound from any of the rooms either. Orneth was trying to listen carefully and put her ear towards the door. No sound, no signs, not even an open window making voices in the wind.

Lady Lanyarë opened one door and blessed it. She also said quickly "I apologize whoever's home we are intruding!" They carefully entered and looked around the room that had this dusk ambient feeling. The room was messy, the bed was not made up and from the closets it was nothing more than some towels. It seemed like things were removed and also it seemed someone was moving away in haste. The desk was also empty and there was nothing inside the disposals either.

Marilo looked around and talked briefly to Simawen "This is very odd, it is empty and the rooms are not locked either. Simawen looked around and one could see she felt uncomfortable being there." It is like someone were leaving in haste. I wonder why?"

They opened the next door and entered the room and it was not very different from the previous one. Allthough there were some books left. Orneth opened a book to see if she could see any signs of activity, like a handwriting or something. There was nothing.

The third room they entered there was still some belongings left. There were a few robes scattered around the floor and they saw some letters on a small table. They felt they were intruding and violating privacy, but they knew Manyamë lived here. What if the letters were hers?

Lady Lanyarë opened up one of them and read in silent, she shook her head and said, "It is just some private messages whoever brother it is, it is not Manyamë." She left the letter among the other ones. When they left the room Orneth noticed that Simawen was left reading the letters. There was a book with a locker on the nightstand. It looked like a journal or a diary. The group concluded with that was nothing they could attach to Manyamë to, it was not of any interest. They would not intrude others privacy unnecessarily. 

Screenshot from Lord of the rings online

'Simawen had become a very good friend of Marilo during these time and Orneth noticed her warm gaze upon Marilo. It did hurt a little bit that it seemed to be mutual from Marilo's part. No surprise. Simawen was an elegant, tall lady with raven black, long hair. Her eyes were light grey and she had some striking redness on her cheek and lips which made a strong contrast to her hair and skin. She was a rare beauty. Just like Lady Lanyarë. Not only was she beautiful, but seemed genuine and very kind. She was helping out the whole family and it was her that led towards this Guesthouse. It was like she found much joy in investigating this mystical disappearance of this maiden she heard a lot about. Besides there was rumour about mystical figures roaming the lands. Mostl likely it was burglars and thieves that did a few raids here and there. Eregion wasn't as idyllic as the thought, so the ignorance they experienced in the city lied a lot about the situation.

The fourth, fifth, sixth room was very similar to the previous ones. They were more neat and clean though. They were not so messy, but they were still empty and one could feel there was someone who used to live her recently.

The seventh room there were again belongings left. Clothes, books, caskets. They even found eldar-swords and most important something that looked like a journal. It had this thick, brown leather bindings and it looked fairly new. They opened it carefully.

Lanyarë read the last paper. "I have to leave now, this place is no longer safe. Everyone knows what is going on.. By dawn I must leave. Thimben is dead, she could not take it anymore. I found her.  She took her away... I am afraid.. I want her to pay for her debts...I saw them on far distance. She was pushed inside one of the bigger buildings. I swear I could not hear anything. Her eyes looking around, confused and dazzled.." Then there was a page ripped out.

"Oh dear!" Lady Lanyarë stopped reading and she looked at some previous pages in the journal, which was mostly drawings of swords and daggers. She stopped at another page and read "Thimben took her own life...He said she has been poisoned and cannot be account for her own actions. It is just empty talk. It means nothing to me. ..Golden Hope a doomed place. He is nothing more than a liar, but I don't care anymore. She is a slave and I want to end it.." Lady Lanyarë seemed to stop and was investigating the first pages. Someones initials were written on the first page. F.F.

Simawen replied overly exited. "Same initials as we found in the city books" Mannamo answered "The son of Manyamë?" Lady Lanyarë quickly chimed in, "Such dreadful reading. It cannot be her son.!"

Marilo took the book and opened it. "It is like a map here, it seems it is very close by the gates of Khazad Dum. Why is there a red cross here? He looked at the map. Simawen looked at it and said,"It must be the entrance of Khazad Dum or maybe another house is here? Certainly a marking of interest. Mannamo looked around and said, "Well let us camp here for the night, I will go outside for a while and study the map." "I join you", said Marilo and Simawen followed them. Lady Lanyarë spoke softly, "Mistamë do you want to join me and see if we can find something we can eat in the empty kitchen?" Mistamë nodded, "Indeed I will, I am very hungry."

Orneth had all this time observed and soaked in the strange mood in the rooms, she said, "There are three rooms left. I will go and have a look further."