Lost and found.

I normally pride myself with a strong internal compass, however my recent venturing into Moria put this to the test in the extreme. I appeared to be unintentionally circumnavigating an area and as I had passed the same craggy outcrop twice I decided to seek assistance. I approached the stable master in the Twenty First Hall but he was not helpful, merely offering me a paid for ride. I declined, I need my coin for my venturing. 

As I looked around for a more amiable looking dwarf for assistance I noticed  an ellon nearby, he was leaning on a post seemingly relaxed and deeep in his own thought. I addressed him directly "My Lord, would you be in a position to assist me?" He appeared to shake himself from his innermost considerations and smiled warmy. He bowed politely saying "My gracious Lady, well met."  I was hopeful of a sensible conclusion to my dilemma and I was correct. He introduced himself as Serongil and told me he had spent weeks learning the routes in this most difficult of places to navigate. We got chatting and I decided he was a trustworthy chap and quite my 'cup of tea' (I picked up that phrase from one of the folk in the caravan I joined to journey here). 

Serongil and I shared lunch and chatted more, we really did have lots in common. I noticed he was a gentle soul, seemed kind and loved animals, he has quite a menagerie it seems.  I didn't see him eat any meat, instead he feasted upon berries and vegetables, the berries he ate one at a time chewing carefully as if to savour every drop of juice within. To that end our meal took rather longer than I anticipated but I minded not.

As I stood to leave, with a carefully prepared map in my hand courtesy of Hir Serongil he coughed quietly and stood up. He offered to come back, retrace his footsteps and accompany me on my travels within the caves and caverns. He said he knew of great dangers, he had faced many alone here and knew I would travel more swiftly and safely with a partner.  Who was I to refuse such an offer and from such a gentleman?