The Little Red Book: Annúminas #2

I must say, I am surprised at myself. Venturing into the tombs of kings, I figured that I would feel a little more irreverent, but I felt nothing of the sort. Only the cord pulling me and Catalinna deeper and deeper into the king's space. Of course, I did my best to collect more academic information for Sin, but my curiosity apparently could not be quenched. I longer to see what the coffin before us contained, and I am quite certain I was more excited than Cat was to do what we did next. Together, the two of us uncovered King Tarondor and an overwhelming giddiness took hold on me as my eyes caught the glint of treasures long forgotten. If only my father could see me now.


We continued on for another two tombs, collecting quite the haul to divide between us. Gems and coins, rings and amulets, even a curious dagger and the pointed crown of King Aranatar. Wearing it feels wrong though. The metal feels icy on my skin, as if it is trying ward me off. I make no plans of touting myself as a ruler with the thing though, so I see no reason I will need to wear it again.

I am rather nervous to let Sindalea know of our escapades though. It was very heavily implied that she would be angry with us for going without herself and Lefwin. In that case, I will do my best to leave Cat out of any of the details. If our scholarly friend is to be angry with anyone, it will be me and me alone.