Picnic on a Cool Summer Day

The young girl sat under her tree, parchment on her lap, Cat taking a nap next to her. Syllea’s own eyes were shut as she gripped the pen in her hand. The breeze blew across her, and her long brown hair flowed behind her. It was times like these where the teenager looked like a princess, instead of the orphaned girl she truly was; her hair flowed like a chocolate river, her skin glistened in the sunlight, her small smile shining with love and kindness. The girl opened her bright, emerald green eyes and looked around. Though it was summer, it was a cool day, and Syllea had decided to make the most of it. Her Papa had been sick and she wanted to stay out of the way, but she made sure to start some tea for him before she left the house that morning. She was worried about her Papa, but she believed he was strong and everything would be fine...at least she hoped it would be.

Syllea had decided to go on a picnic with Cat. The wolf-dog always seemed to love the girl’s picnics because it meant long naps after lots of fetch. The girl looked lovingly at Cat and ran her slender fingers through his soft coat. Her light pink lips formed a small smile and then she turned back to the forgotten parchment on her lap. She was writing a new poem, but no thoughts flowed from the tip of her pen. With a sigh, Syllea put the parchment away and stood up. Cat opened one eye towards his girl; seeing she was in no immediate danger he went back to his nap. Syllea laughed at him, before wandering a bit off. She walked with her hands in her pockets, and her head held high. The smell of nature always revived the young girl and made her feel alive. The girl continued walking until she reached the top of a hill. She looked down and saw a small camp with a few people working on some sort of building. She waved at them when they looked up to her. As she looked around she saw a ways off a grey wolf dart out of the woods. Its eyes as green as hers looked up to her. Syllea hears a quiet howl in the distance; only she seems to hear it. The wolf’s ears perk up, and he runs in the opposite direction of the howling. It runs out of sight from the girl. Syllea waited, watching to see if the wolf would appear once more. When it didn’t she ran back to her tree of Lost Ones and took back out her parchment.


The parchment read:

Another Wolf Poem- The Lone Wolf

The scent of flesh...blood; they flood my senses.

I follow the trail; my ears up high.

I see a feast laid before me,

But I am only one;

Unable to take them all.

I look up; there she stands,

The wolf girl.

Her senses sharp; her eyes keen.

I take a step towards her;

She is my alpha.

She is my pack.

The voice of another pack sounds.

With one fleeting glance towards the girl,

I turn to run.

Our fates will cross again,

Mine and hers...my alpha.


Syllea smiles as she finishes the last words. She reads it over and shrugs, “Not bad.” She whispers to herself. The young girl looks off in the distance, her eyes spot movement, but it disappears. Eventually, her eyes close once more. Thoughts of running amongst the wolves lull her to a dreamless sleep. The wolf watches from a distance.