hunting for clues in Great River

Lusseriel was sitting near the entrance of the camp. The area wasn’t quite as safe as she’d like it and night time didn’t make it any better, but she’d leave soon anyway.

She picked up her notebook and started writing to pass a bit of time.

“Andrahir, Ilthirian, Rolegard and Salhael were all eager to go on in search of the missing rider. I still had a bad feeling about the whole thing mind you.

We went on our way and found that the local easterlings were definitively bolder than they should to say they’re invading a land that don’t belong to them to start with. Not that those who attacked us survived to tell the tale. 

And then we went and found Brunnadan again in a camp that we found… Well accidentally I guess. The man was tending to a wound sustained by a rohirrim.

Rolegard seemed to suffer from cold… I didn’t think it was quite cold enough for that but I guess being drenched didn’t help… Mortals are strangely susceptible to those things at times. But as luck had it, the camp had blankets and a fire and he soon felt better.

Brunnadan told us that the injured man, Edbrit, had a tale to tell us.

Considering he was injured, I didn’t doubt that for a moment.

The man told us that the greybyg attacked him, that something made them more aggressive than usual and that their blood seemed to be boiling. Which… Yes, would be more than enough to set off any being, but would be confirmation to my worst supposition about our missing rider.

So we went to find those insects to fight them off and check their blood. The first I fought off had boiling hot blood but as I fought others, their blood seemed to cool down. Apparently we all shared the same experience there.

As Edbrit said when we all told him the same fact, “whatever caused their blood to boil seemed to have moved on”

Which is both good and bad. Good, because I’d rather fight anywhere else than in a marsh. Bad because we didn’t even managed to find good tracks of the creature, and it was already moving away, so it’d be more difficult to find it.                                 

When we regrouped in the camp, it appeared that Salhael got blood on her hand, apparently just a little but enough to burn her hand.

Rolegard asked me if I had a salve to heal burns. And so I was roped into providing healing for Salhael. She seemed a bit hesitant about accepting my help.

Of course the salve in question had slipped at the bottom of my bag because why not…

I told her it was a simple calendula salve, she didn’t react to the name of the main active ingredient so hopefully she won’t have a bad reaction to it.

If people keep waiting for me to heal men, I’ll end up asking a list of all things they react negatively to. I refuse to risk being accused of murder out of cheer stupidity.

But well, I guess that bee’s wax, and calendula infused oil with a hint of athelas infused oil is pretty safe…

It’d be bad to lose the only one here with a bit of sense.

In order to get perhaps information on the whereabout of our missing rider, we decided to ride to the nearest rohirrim camp between us and Stangard, in Parth Celebrant.

We reached the camp easily enough and talked a little with Cerdic.

Sadly as Salhael pointed out, traveling between camps as a large group was unlikely to gain us any information. For one, a large group would be easily spotted by the rider, for a second, the rohirrim were generally a close off bunch, and coming as a large group was more likely to see them ignore us or regard us with mistrust than anything else.

Brunnadan said that it was best to stay together, in case we do find the rider. But as we talked, and it appeared we all thought about the same, meaning : the rider would probably manage to get rid of us either alone or in group, Brunnadan pointed out that the Nazgul had weaknesses we could exploit if need be.

Sure, they do. Fire for one is a wonderful tool to get them to disappear to wherever they come from. But then again, we won’t be able to keep an eye on their whereabout if we do that.

Besides, I wasn’t aware that ONE confrontation where he saw Strider face wraiths made him an expert in fighting of Nazguls.

What I find most suspicious was that after saying we shouldn’t separate he said that we should perhaps split up. What is his aim there ?

Andrahir jumped on the idea, and suggested that Salhael should go to Stangard. Rolegard would go with Salhael and perhaps get a new horse.

Andrahir decided to go and scout Ost Celebrant. Ilthirian offered to go with him. Well, I trust them to be professional about it should one of them get injured. I hope neither of them will get injured but with the area they’ll be going in… it’s not entirely impossible.

Salhael told me discreetly that perhaps I should go with them to make sure they are discreet. It’s funny, admittedly, but I trust them to not let their feelings get in the way too much should it become a life or death situation.

Brunnadan told us that if I wanted to travel with him I was welcome to but he could find his way to Thinglad alone.

Salhael seemed to have a sudden change of heart and suggested I go with Brunnadan instead.

He was strangely insistent that he would be fine however.

It was suspicious at best. As I told him: what if the rider finds him? After all, he had his own doubts earlier, so that change of heart was as sudden as it was strange.

He only answered that he’d be sure to exploit their weaknesses of course.

As I answered: if he’s so sure, he can go by himself then, I’d just scout around by myself.

Salhael told us that she didn’t trust him alone, and as the man was gone already, I told her the truth : I don’t trust him either and that was why I would follow his tracks, just in case.

She seemed to like my plan.

She’s far more cautious than any of our other companions here, I appreciate that, honestly.

And so now I’m just waiting to have just enough time pass that he wouldn’t notice me immediately, and I think it’s now safe enough that I can go.

Well, when I say safe…”

Lusseriel put her notebook back in her backpack and left the camp, following the tracks of the man toward Thinglad… And did her best to avoid or kill any orc, wolf and shades she found on her path.