Inexorable Joy

"We were about to start again when the door opened and who should be standing there? Master Tumunir! The look on his face were priceless. I thought we’d all scatter and that were the end of it, but Mis Tairy invited Master Tumunir right on in, and asked if he knew any dwarf dances! Master Tumunir said “Of course, I were young once”, ha ha! I thought about just dropping it and going to sit down, but the air just seemed too full of joy and boldness, so I asked if he would show me a dwarf dance. Just one step, nothing fancy! He hemmed and hawed and I really didn’t think he would be willing at all, but he walked over and did he ever surprise me! He hummed a little tune to himself and hop-skipped side to side in the most jolly way that I fell to laughing on the spot. Mis Tairy started humming along and slapping his thigh and gods above, Master Tumunir offered me his hand and can you believe it? He danced with me! That crusty old boar of a dwarf what used to glare and bark at everyone, dancing! And smiling and laughing to boot. I can’t think of when I’ve ever felt so blessedly happy and full of love and warmth as I did then, with those two souls." ~ excerpt from Scrawls - 17 February

((OOC: This was a labor of love for the loveliest, grumpiest, sweetest old dwarf who ever lived. All credit for this absolutely perfect masterpiece of adorableness goes to the insanely talented and wonderfully brilliant player of Gustine, whose art has delighted many a heart in the community!

Gustine - thank you for doing this. It is BEYOND anything I could have hoped for. You captured the moment with nothing less than utter genius, from the overall Disney-esque feel, to the tiny details of the Knotwood Boarding House interior! And well done in keeping our secret for almost a year! ;) 

Tumunir - thank you for being such an inspiration to my heart. I cherish all the RP our characters have had, you brought so much richness and depth and growth to Taite's character! It was my pleasure and honor to give something back to you <3))

The sublimely awesome player of Gustine!