The Mad Badger Crew

Founding date
January 2021
Role-playing in intro Archet
Main area of operations
Archet before the attack
Kinship type
All pubgoers
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)


Welcome to the Mad Badger Inn

Archet is a lively and peaceful town where time seems to have stopped. At its heart lies the Mad Badger Inn, bonding place for locals and refuge for travelers and adventurers crossing the Chetwood. There are rumours of the Blackwold brigands being increasingly dangerous, but life continues as it has always been in Archet, and its inhabitants are confident that nothing bad could ever happen in this town. They are not wrong, right? Right.

[OOC: We role-play in intro Archet, prior to the attack. That means that only human and hobbit characters that have not completed the intro can access this version of the town. We create our own RP plots (and would welcome yours too) and we intend to get the absolute most out of this setting before moving on. That means it could be months or even years until we grow tired of the setting, finally complete the intro, and move on to the wider world.

Playing in intro Archet has several restrictions, such as not having access to the vault or shared storage (other than what VIP players can mail to themselves), and not being able to craft. If you, like us, also feel that dedicating a new toon to this setting is worthwhile regardless, please contact our officers. We welcome experienced RPers, and we are also extremely friendly and supportive of players new to RP.]


Aedlhild Aedlhild "Hilde" of Rohan Man
Foxwald Foxwald Miller Man
Jestin Jestin Blackthorn Man
Ruderig Ruderig Man
Tobiasz Tobiasz 'Toby' Blackthorn Man

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