Village Market & Feast - Rohan

October 3rd, 2020
16:00 server time
"Apuldram" Homestead, Kingstead Meadows, Rohan

Event details:

Summer fades, and skies grow darker, but we will light candles and fuel the hearth until it roars. We will gather at the mead hall for the market, fill our baskets and crates and cellar shelves, and share the bounty of the harvest — ripe fruit, rich game, honey, herbs, hot bread from the oven.


And we will drink, and feast, and sing, and sleep in the sweet chill of the first autumn nights.









OOC details:

((Market begins at 4:00pm server time, Saturday Oct 3. Late arrivals are welcome, but you might miss the market once the feast has begun.))


((Characters living in Apuldram, and visitors from elsewhere are welcome to drop by and browse the harvest market, or sell wares of their own. The village will hold a feast after the market, and all are welcome to join. This is a RP event for anyone interested, so outsiders and newcomers will be made welcome in the village.))


((If you need options for getting a lower level character to the Apuldram homestead, we may be able to help. Any kinless character can temporarily join one of the resident kins we have, port freely to the leader's home in the village, and leave the kin with no hard feelings. ;) Many of us want to support RP in Rohan, and will help if we can. Feel free to ask questions anytime.))


Homestead Village: "Apuldram"

Event location: Meadhall

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Runeya, Judyht, Aescwold

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