I'm surrounded by children. Idiotic, foolhardy, thoughtless children!

How did it come to this? How did I not see it sooner?

The signs are all there. The girl wants to make herself useful, to prove herself, and she would do anything to impress him regardless of how uncomfortable it makes her feel. She has no excuse. She grew up here, she knows the stories. She was there when I spoke of those things. It's not ignorance. It's willful stupidity. I take back everything I ever said about her having intelligence and wit.

And him. Such a fragile ego. Just had to prove that he's a man. He couldn't possibly let himself be "outdone" by a mere woman! It doesn't matter that she knows more than him about those things. It doesn't matter that she's been at it for longer than he's been alive. It doesn't matter that what she told him was barely a fraction of what she knows. Two minutes for a very quick rundown of the various possible threats, and that's all he needs to be an expert.


They want me to let them in. They want me to care. That is clearly a bad idea. What would be the point? So that I can watch as they get themselves torn to shreds in an effort to prove something? And then what? I could walk in and do it all over again? Find their corpses, dismember them and drag them out so that they don't rise again? It was hard enough the first time.

I've seen it time and again. Young twits thinking it's easy, thinking they know something when they don't, thinking they don't need to learn. It always ends the same. They die a few years in, or they're driven insane by what they experience. I didn't particularly want to see it again, but educating that pair is pointless. They hear, but they don't listen.

What, then, when we go to Evendim? I don't know if she's coming along, but I doubt he'd leave her behind if she asked. And then what? I warn them of the various dangers of Ost Forod or Annuminas and the moment my back is turned they go skipping through one or the other as if out for a tea-party, get themselves killed or worse.

I know what I said. I know he wants to come there with me, but... knowing what I know now, I really need to give that matter more thought. I can't let either one of them screw it up. It's too important.

Scanie suggested, due to my being older than the others, that I'm some form of Elder, a matriarch of sorts. But that's not true. The advice of such people is usually heeded, or at the very least considered. Mine is disregarded without the slightest scrutiny. Why, then, should I waste my breath giving any?

Let them do as they please. Mistakes are one thing; you can learn from them, though I doubt that either will. Catastrophic consequences are far more likely, but why concern myself with that?

It's their problem, not mine.