Growing Concerns From The North Shire Again

News are reaching us this week  from the village of Dwaling , in the North Shire,  a once renowned lovely hobbit hamlet, famous for the local glass production, in happiest times hobbit glass-blowers used to go down to the beaches of Brandywine River to collect sand for their craft , but there is news of growing unrest in the area.


Dwaling is a very small hamlet within the northernmost borders of the Eastfarthing of the Shire, the name of the village means "the descendants of Dwale" and that Dwale was once  a nickname meaning 'dull' or 'foolish', and of course, a local family name . Today visitors will find Dwaling  ruined  and overrun by a band of ruffians lead by a man known only as ‘The Chief’. Most hobbit burrows in the village  are burnt  or have been  torn down, including Miss Pearlina Gamgee's Residence.

Former residents have taken shelter near Master Hob Hillbrow's house , at  the Glass-blowers' Camp, just to the south-west.  To make the situation even more dire, a vile band of hobgoblins have set up camp south-east of the glass-blowers, making the surrounding areas and roads very unsafe, especially at night.  According to one of Dwaling’s most prominent residents, Master Ronald Dwale,  the situation is worsening by the day, “ something must be done, the local economy is suffering “. Hope for Dwaling  lies with some help coming from the rangers of the north and joining force with the local bounders.

Master Ronald Dwale, a renowned poet and author, travels regularly to the south as  a member of the Hobbit  Writing Society which meets regularly at The Bird and Baby Inn in Michel Delving. His poems and tales are very popular among hobbits, but are growing in popularity even outside the bounds. Hobbits claim Master Ronald Dwale is the greatest story-teller and bard that ever lived , a great statement indeed that Master Dwale himself plays down with modesty, in fact it is not unusual for him just welcoming  weary travelers at the camp, share a pie, a tale and  his pipe with them.



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