A Letter Left for a Hobbit


If you haven’t decided to simply skip returning to Imladris from your latest venture, I hope this brief note finds you safe and well.  I intend to be off with the sunrise, now that the weather has shifted and I have run out of excuses to delay.  As I promised you, I will make for Eregion before turning eastwards and through the Pass of Caradhras towards Nanduhirion, in the hopes of catching up to Kromnir on my way.  Perhaps I will be able to talk your honour-father (if I may borrow slightly a term learned elsewhere for this purpose) out of his errand, but I think it unlikely. You know his temperament better than anyone else - it’s not mithril or riches that drive him to those mountains, but honour, history, and grief duty.

I have not forgotten what you said and asked. I will do everything I can to assist him.  

I’m sure you wish to catch up to Kromnir as well, and I will tell him as much.  I still think it unwise to follow him where he is headed, and I would encourage you again to stick to the pass if you want to travel through to the east (and then, only if the weather permits!)  That said… If you must follow him, then stop at Imlad Gelair before you set out. I have left a few things for you there - a small gift, as a token of my thanks.  Not quite to the level of the stuff from the tales and epics you love, but serviceable tools, at least!  

To give you some last, lighter news in these times, I should also mention that the Dwarves you met before have finally set off on their journey through the pass above Imladris, along with their companions. You would have loved to have seen it, it was like a moment straight from your beloved stories - wagons laden with possessions, bold Dwarves and proud Elves riding off together.  I know your honour-father intends to make his way towards Erebor eventually as well, and I think you would enjoy the sight of it - though I have only seen it from the foot of the mountain, in all honesty.

As always, there is more to say, and not enough time in which to say it.  It is my hope that, one way or another, I will next stop at Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien, and I will write to you again there.  I don’t intend to delay there for long, but if you make your way eastwards as well, look for me there.

Yours Faithfully and in Friendship,