Thoughts under a willow-tree

It has been a while since I last wrote down my thoughts. I figured that, as I sit here underneath an old willow tree along the banks of the Evendim, I would write them down again.

Much has happened since Dale....
The end of the war has provided me with the chance of a new life. One I always was hoping I could get. After spending nearly my entire life as a Ranger wandering the wilderness, I now get the chance to live a simpler life. I work as a huntsman around Breeland. Often I do small tasks for Barliman at the Pony. He provides a room and free food and drinks, as well as a nice pay, and I get him the animals he needs for his culinary adventures. 
Aside form that I made some new acquaintances with the locals as well. There are a few dwarves I have had the pleasure to get fimilar with. Such as Balnirar, whom has a love for bagpipes that I do not share with him. 
There are Bíld and Maddoct. Two friends of a Bree-lass that I have been having some fun conversations with.

Her name is Jackilyn Blackburrow. She is a young and playful woman not even past her twenties, I believe. A fresh breath of air one could say to this, normally, unsocial behavior of mine.
I've had many conversations with her about this and that. Mostly matters of life such as love and loss. Travels and peoples. So on and on..... 
She is a very fun person to be around, or so I think at least. One I could consider becoming a close friend with. I hope she is doing well right now, her life has not been easy of late. A bit of heartbreak one could say has come across her path. And I know well enough that such a thing can have quite an impact on a young life.
The thing is. Aside from that she has been a great companion and conversation partner to me, she also reminds me a bit of an old friend. Of Lieta when Fiontann brought her in for the first time. Eager to learn but a bit too unknowing of the world around her.
I have no fear however that Jackilyn will find her way towards happiness. Such would be a great thing to watch unfold. And if she has to take a few punches, well.... I'll be there to back her up if she needs it.
Either way, I hope to have many more fun conversations with her once I have returned from this little trip.


Which brings me to another person. The one I am currently out here for.
His name is Elias Dimheim. A doctor in Breeland. 
A young Gondorian lad with a very weird personality. To me it seems he is somewhat obvious of certain emotions or the way people feel. But he is a very skilled doctor. He knows his herbs and such well.
I had figured a Gondorian would have known about Athelas as well but it appears it is a lost practice even there. Shame.... The weed has done me well in my wandering days. Even if it was for only a quick lightening of the pains.
I am out here in the wilderness again on behave of the good doctor, collecting herbs for his winter stock. In return he will pay me for what I find and even offered to make me some salves free of change. Perhaps I could set up a mutual partnership between the Black steel and his soothery. That is.... If Fiontann hasn't done so already.

Well....... I suppose that would note down most of my thoughts. Time to get some rest, I have an old city to track through tomorrow.