Nawagrim's and Pycella's Grand Friendship Ceremomy

A grand friendship ceremony! I can't believe it's not a wedding! Welcome to the party, hobbits!

May 26th, 2019
7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime)
Songburrow, 1 Wending Way, Shire homesteads

Event details:

Hullo dear hobbits of the Shire!

There has been a lot of talk of two hobbits getting married, namely Miss Pycella and Master Nawagrim. Now, weddings are surely a nice thing to celebrate, especially in the hot summertime, as long as it’s not your own wedding. And here is an event that surely isn’t anyone’s wedding. No. This one is

Nawagrim’s and Pycella’s Grand Friendship Ceremony

which is all about their long friendship that is still sailing strong after all these years.

Now these two friends would like to welcome you all to join this ceremony (and party) which will put an end to all this gossip about weddings. Come to see how they take their friendship vows and prove that their friendship is true. And above all: let’s have some grand fun together with good food, drinks, music, song and cheer.

Welcome to enjoy a warm-hearted, relaxed party, old and new friends! Feel free to bring some own entertainment to the party too, if you have something suitable!

OOC details:

A hobbit party - that means fun!


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