Another kind of carpentry

Fenley did learn all the basics of carpentry that apply to any kind of wood-craft: the tools, how wood works, techniques of joinery, etc., though he's focused on large-scale carpentry, how timbers are positioned to hold up a roof and make walls stand against the wind. Perhaps one day he will become another kind of wood-worker, perhaps one that makes spears and bows, or one who makes chairs like this. There's a lot of detail in a chair, both the detail you can see, like those lathe turnings, and those you can't, like how the cross-beams support a person's weight against different directions of strain.

Materials: printer paper, mechanical pencil, Prismacolor plastic eraser, Staedtler pens


Step 1: constructional forms (there were too many lines to draw all of them so I started leaving some out)

Step 2: silhouette (here the big mistakes I made in the position and size of the seat slats becomes painfully evident, but I was able to correct other mistakes, like the width of the verticals)

Step 3: details (sadly unable to really correct the mistakes, but overall, I'm pleased, considering how complex a chair like this actually turns out to be, especially in perspective)

my own work