From Forchel to Bree

The past few days have been exhausting. 
After I found out about Emmets tracks I went to speak with an old friend of mine among the Lossoth. She told me that Emmet indeed came to them and there he gained a wife. The Lossoth were against it. She would not tell me why but I figure they knew about Emmet being some sort of Tomb-robber. 
They were shunned by the Lossoth and moved to cabin in the woods. I asked her where it was and she pointed me the way.
Once I arrived at the cabin there was nothing but emptiness. It has long been forsaken, to stand among the trees in everlasting silence. What a waste of a good hut.....

I returned to Kauppa-Kotha and spoke with my friend once more. She had no idea where the old inhabitants may have gone, however. Apparently a group of Angmarim have been seen traveling towards the west. They crossed the border again south near the River Lhûn. I assume these are the Angmarim that are tracking the man named Emmet as I could think of no other reason for the red-robes to go this far and beyond for anything else. 
I had to make a decision there. Follow them or return to the one that asked me to track this path. I chose the latter of the two.
This isn't my task to complete, but hers......

And so I find myself near the borders of Bree-land again after a few days of long travel and sleepless nights. I've notified a friend in Ered-Luin to keep an eye out for these Angmarim. I am sure I'll hear from him soon.
Until then I should go find Silver. 

And I have a pretty good idea of where to start looking.