The White Flames present a Tribute to Queen

Don't miss The White Flames playing the wonderful songs by the band Queen, performed on Bree stage on Friday.

October 6th, 2017
20:30 CEST / 19:30 UK time / 2.30 pm server time
Bree stage, across the road at The Prancing Pony

Event details:

In the band The White Flames one of the members is the mighty warden Stuckfast, who besides playing in the band also travels a lot around Middle Earth. Stuckfast came to me one day and asked if The White Flames couldn’t play some songs that he had learned from some strangers on one of his journeys. Since I am always interested in music I asked him to tell me more about it. And here is what Stuckfast told me.


Stuckfast was on a trip by foot to a country he hadn’t visited before. While he one day was having his second breakfast, sitting underneath a lovely willow tree, he heard some music from far away. It sounded so beautiful to him, and yet so uplifting so he almost forgot to finish up the extra blueberry cake. He picked together his cakes, lembas, wine bottles, apple bags, lemonade, smoked ham, strawberry jelly, cheeses of three kinds, fried flounder filets, and all the rest of his picnic attributes as fast as possible and started running towards the sound of the beautiful music.

In a glade of a dense forest there were some caravans parked. Clothes were hanging to dry from the branches of the trees, a small fireside was burning and a pot with stew was hanging above it, some cats and dogs were running around playing in the bushes…

But the sound of music, you ask? On a small stage built of wooden planks four strangers stood playing and singing so nicely together. They looked very different with long curly black hair, glittering clothes in all colours (but mostly black). These four strangers were humans and had never seen a hobbit before, so they were a bit startled when master Stuckfast showed his amazed face through the bushes. “Please play on”, Stuckfast said, “It sounds so lovely!” and they willingly continued playing and singing.

The travelling troubadours called themselves “Queen” and their singer was a certain mister Mercury with a voice so loud it was heard several miles away. They went on playing for that whole afternoon, and afterwards they invited Stuckfast for supper. While having the tastiest ever coney stew with peas and carrots, they became such good friends and the travelling troubadours even taught Stuckfast several of their songs. The next day Master Stuckfast bid the troubadours farewell and continued on his journey.


Since that day in the lovely glade master Stuckfast has had in his mind to be able to play the same songs that he learned from the Queen troubadours. I believe master Stuckfast is a quick learner and has a good memory, because he played so many songs for me to ask if The White Flames could play them on a concert. It all sounded so great, so of course we will play the Queen songs. Especially since I heard from master Stuckfast that the singer, mister Mercury, died several years ago in a bad flu. So our concert with only Queen songs will be a tribute to mister Mercury and the rest of the long-haired musicians in Queen.


On Friday the 6th of October we will present all the Queen songs that master Stuckfast has put together. You will find The White Flames on the Bree stage across the road from The Prancing Pony.

All elves, dwarves, hobbits, men, women and beornings: come listen, dance and be amazed by the fabulous music by Queen with The White Flames

OOC details:

Queen were a rock band with the singer and songwriter Freddie Mercury as their front figure.

The White Flames is a band with members from Order of the White Flame, a mixed kinship which is active and open to all kinds of activities. The White Flames play songs only arranged by kinship members. Known music makers in The White Flames are Aifel, Trincia, Finsamidor and Stuckfast. On the Queen concert we will play songs arranged for 7 instruments by Stuckfast.

The concert will last for about than 1,5 hours.


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