Wandering Misfits

Founding date
Lessen the burden of Bree-Lands borders currently and keep em safe
Main area of operations
Eriador currently
Kinship type
None so far
Orcs, Brigands, Foul and Evil things
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)



Wandering Misfits

If you're a misfit within a group of misfits, does that mean you're actually popular and normal?

Wandering Misfits is a newly formed Kinship, focused on Heavy RP. 

Kinship was made in purpose for characters, that are (a) either wanderers, with no home or place to belong to. Or (b) simply misfits!  a person who is different from other people and who does not seem to belong in a particular group or situation. Of course the kinship is not only limited to such types, yet they are more then welcome.

If you're character is having difficult times fitting in, with the rest of society, or is perhaps simply unique in his own way, and does not find place within ''normal folks'' this is a place for you! 

On another note, Wandering Misfits is neither ''good'' nor ''evil'' , rather it is made to maintain a ''neutral'' stance to this approach, however this may all change in time, depending on what direction kinship takes, which in the end will be end result of overall RP from its members!

If you are interested, or have further questions, feel free to message Narthall here on Laurelin Archives! Or simply contact me in game! 

More background will be provided soon, please have in mind the kinship is newly formed, and things about it are subject to change!



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