Bree-Land Militia

Founding date
To protect Bree-Land from enemies from abroad and at home
Main area of operations
Kinship type
Lawful citizens and other law enforcers
Criminals and those that oppose the law
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


The Bree-Land militia is a voluntary force based within Bree-Land to protect the people from attacks from raiders, as well as to keep the towns and fields safe from criminals. Like most militias, most of the members are volunteers from nearby farms and towns, looking to protect their homes and families from the dangers of the world.

To join the Bree-Land Militia, applicants must be a citizen of Bree-Land. This is not in regards to the applicants heritage or homeland, rather the fact that they have a permanent residence in Bree-Land. Those that join will be supplied with a uniform, armour and equipment that will suit their role in the militia. There area  large number of roles within the militia, the most obvious is as a guard, but there are other jobs that include administration, promotion and recruitment for the militia and so on. Most will be expected to participate in patrols and guard duty though.

((OOC All are welcome to join the militia as long as they rp as a resident of Bree. There is no set requirement regarding combat experience etc, as realistically most member of a militia will be poorly trained and equipped at best. Members who take part as guard will have a number of rolls to fill. This will include patrolling the Bree-Land, breaking up fights and chasing of attackers and criminals. It should be noted that as a militia, their primary roll is not to arrest criminals, rather it is simply to keep the streets safe. The militia will however post wanted posters for wanted criminals with bounties that others can attempt to cash in on.

Regarding the rp itself, again, all are welcome to take part. Members are free to act corrupt, overly violent, or simply bad at their job. Of course ic there will be repercussions if members are caught, but that's part of the fun with rp. Regarding combat, as most militia guards are volunteer with little or no combat experience, it is vital that members do not act op, and accept that there will be a number of fights that militia members will not win, especially against trained soldiers and mercenaries. The same goes for calling for other members to help for fights. If you are alone in combat, then it should remain as such. This is why it is advised that member patrol in pairs for safety. Other than that, members are free to do as they will.))


Squire Johnothan Butcher, Chief of Administration

Squire James Hofdon, Master at Arms

Bandoloc, Chief of Promotion

Militia-man Jaton, Man at Arms

Militia-man Baraque, Garrison Archer

Narys, Bounty Hunter

Delora, Maid



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