Mereth Iavas - Feast of Autumn

The elves of Ered Luin are gathering once again, this time, to celebrate the harvest among their friends and kin.

October 27th, 2016
3:30 pm server time
across and up the stairs from Celondim Stables (27.9S, 92.2W)

Event details:

Ever lovers of tradition, nature, as well as fine foods and wines, the elves near Celondim are gathering to share the bounty of their successful harvest. Everyone brings the crops and fruits of their recent harvest or the tasty pastries, dishes, and wines prepared from them. Friends and kin lay languidly conversing and eating, content to rest as the early autumn sun shines upon them.

OOC details:

Come celebrate the harvest in an atmosphere keeping with the traditions of Tolkien’s elves, sharing food, fine wines, and company!

All players are welcome, but as we want to remain true to the lore, please bring an elven character. Celondim is the starter area, so a quick roll through the intro with an elf character should enable anyone to attend even if they don’t have an elf character currently.

All characters are encouraged to bring something with them to this pot-luck style celebration. It can be something they harvested from the fields or something they baked or cooked themselves. Be creative and have fun!

To find the event location, start from the Celondim Stable-Master. With your back to the stables, face the staircase and walk up.

This is another seasonal event to encourage more RP in the Ered Luin area for elves, so join us for a good time and to meet other elven RPers on the server.

Fanaurel, Vinyalondë

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