The secret refuge of Esteldin

Once a great stronghold build upon the town of Dolindîr in ages past, this old fortress of what once was the great kingdom of Arnor is now nothing more then a worn out ruin, forgotten by time itself and hidden within the many hills and mountains surrounding it.
Its very existence is just a legend amongst common men, but it does really exist!

Here, the Dunedain of the North, who have been known as rangers by common folk, have set up their hidden camp to fight against the ever growing evil of Angmar. 
There are but few who know this place exists. Those who know are either Dunedain of blood and most likely have had training there in the ways of a ranger or they are of the race if elves. Those who have dwelled Middle-earth and the lands of Eriador for as long as the elves are known with this place as well. 
Amongst common men though... It is but a fairy-tale. None know of its true location and those who trend to close to finding out can expect an unwelcome encounter. The Dunedain are not fond of the idea of loosing their last stronghold and so they will do what they must to protect it.
Archers guard the lands surrounding it with watchful eyes. Those who tread to close are deemed by their intent. Walk with an ill heart and your life will be ended, walk with curiosity and you shall be chased off. Beware of the Rangers, for even if they are good at heart, they do what they must.
If you return after being chased you can expect either of two things. 
You could be shot, evil or not. Or they might take you. Blindfold you and lead you for hours on end until you are within the stronghold. Here you become prisoner until your true intend is known. Afterwards you will be blindfolded again until you have been send back into the wild or left along the road.

If you believe a map will help you discover the old stronghold then you are gravely mistaken.
Only within the archives of Esteldin, Imladris and the sunken archives of Annuminas an Minas Tirith shall you find maps with its location. For these are the only archives old enough to know what it once was like. But even these maps are rare.

Young men of the Dunedain often leave their villages in the wild to train at Imlardis. Under guidance of the elder and experienced rangers they are guided toward the old fortress. They are ton vow secrecy about its location at all time, even if death threatens them.
Never shall the world of men know of Esteldin, unless the threat of Angmar, the treason of Isengard and the Dark lord of Mordor are no more. 

So it will be..........

(This is not an IC story but a simple summary of Esteldin)