The Dragons Lair

Founding date
Main area of operations
5 Long Street, Gwinsnade, outside of Bree-town
Organisation type
Racial type
Organisation teaser
A pub acting as a front from criminal activities
Organisation status
Active and recruiting


Lorgorim: Official owner

Pedrahil: Bankroller

Fundgi: Ale supplier

Murna: Barkeeper

Atzin: Cook

Aylsa: Bar staff

Pinoh: Bard

Theodmun: Manual laborer


The Dragon's Lair used to be a farm warehouse, bought from the previous owner by the Network as a base of operations. However, after a confrontation with the watch, it was burnt to the ground. Now, the leadership of the Network have decided to rebuild it, but this time as a pub, a legitimate front for their illegal work.

It is their hope that it will act to hide their activities, and to attract those that share their interests in organized crime. If nothing else however, they would see it become a successful venture in it's own right.

The pub serves the best ale available, transported all the way from the Blue Mountains by the Ale Association, and offers a large number other drinks, as well as various gambling opportunities.

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