Black Rose Trade

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Founding date
October of 2015
To draw a large income from trading of goods and services, not always legal.
Main area of operations
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None yet.
While there hasn't been any conflict yet, the watch will surely not appreciate their dealings.
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Dormant (not recruiting)
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Black Rose Trade



     The trading guild is meant to be an organization to allow for all types of business. Sure, actual import and export happens, and there is profit to be made, but the intent of the guild is to give a cover business to use for the smuggling of certain less than legal assets. The business focuses, officially, on bringing in spices and herbs from far off lands, the sort of things that healers would use, or the wealthy would burn for the scent. 





     The guild is only a few months old, set up by Abyssia Helsike originally as a way to keep her contacts in order, but steadily growing into a more profitable endeavor for more people. Starting as a simple system of "I'll buy it, you sell it, we share profit', the guild is expanding rapidly now to include many more contacts and employees.





     There's a lot going on with the guild, with several small categories of items showing up on their sale lists. Many herbs are acquired and sold, ranging in purpose from medicinal, recreational, or even harmful. Certain other products might include rare tools, weapons, or other crafted items that are hard to come by.





     The guild gets their stores form many locations, but rarely anything past the Misty Mountains. Certain crops, mushrooms, or herbs might come from the Shire, or Evendim, but some of their tools or weapons could be of dwarvish make, shipped in from Ered Luin. Anywhere that has anything to offer might be added to the trade routs, if it has not been already, and all of them require convoys the fetch the goods.





     Almost anyone can get involved with this group, from the most wealthy to the least of men, There is always something to be done, whether it would be investors, or simply employees. Any who want to work with BRT only have to apply. 





     Black Rose is a legitimate business, with legitimate openings for people who just want to work with the legal trade, but there are other roles for those who are more willing to do particular jobs. There are a wide variety of options, for anyone. 





     There are very few standards set on employees of the guild. In fact, there are currently two. One is to keep their nose clean. Outside of business for the guild, illegal activity is frowned upon, drawing unwanted attention. The other is to stay silent about the secondary side of the business, whether you are involved or not. Aside from that, everything is covered in the laws of the land.



     This is a crime group, and will likely involve immoral characters. That does not mean immoral players, however. I'm trying to make this a fairly friendly environment. There aren't any rules, but just a common sense 'do unto others' system. The guild is recruiting! To apply, simply message Abyssia to set up an RP interview.


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