Abyssia Helsike

Name Abyssia
Mother, business owner, and occasionally a mercenary.
Young, but getting older, near thirty.
Her home outside of Bree.
Black Rose Trade
Outward Appearance

     The woman before you may, perhaps, show the perfect embodiment of a tribal appearance. Her body is neither tall, nor short, but extremely well muscled. Not the large bulky muscles like a fighter, but the wiry, strong form of a runner, or a hunter. The woman's hair is shaven off on either of the sides of her head, leaving only a rather long mohawk down the middle of her skull. This thin length of hair would be braided tightly, and travel past her neck and shoulders to end near the middle of her back with an iron clip holding it in place. the sides of her head where hair used to be were now adorned with tattoos. the dark ink trailed around in a jagged tribal pattern that somewhat resembled vines of thorns, though it was a loose comparison. The 'vines' in question would travel down her neck on the sides, and spread over her shoulders, and end at both the tops of her breasts and at the bottoms of her shoulder blades. There were several smaller tribal designs in other places as well, such as her ankles, calves, wrists, and elbows.


     She would usually have several necklaces, and other forms of jewelry like earrings and bracelets, all of which would carry small trinkets like finger bones, fangs, or small stones with carvings in them. the most noticeable would be the snake's fangs on her right ear, and the jaws of some small animals made into a bracelet on the opposite arm. 


     Aside from the rather tribal look, Abyssia's face was quite lovely. If she had no paint around her eyes, you could actually find a rather beautiful woman underneath her initial appearance.


Abyssia is a Dunlander, born into a religious tribe of priests and warriors. From a young age she learned to fight effectively in close quarters, and her physical ability was pushed into the best it could be for her purpose. She was tasked with finding and chasing down sacrifices for the priests and priestesses. Endurance and strength were drilled into her, and the knowledge of how to hunt and survive in the wild for weeks without assistance. She eventually became a well known brawler as well, her heated temper quick to set her off on others. She was chosen to protect one of the priestesses, Hunutha, in her traveling to Bree. That is where you may find her now.


She somehow has lots of friends.
Daughter: Samata
Fighting. Drinking. Sleeping. Usually all of those with other people.
A competitive nature, and a mother's fierce desire to protect and provide for her child.

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Abyssia's Adventures

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