The Aleford Band

Founding date
End of August 2015
Main area of operations
Organisation type
Racial type
Music style(s)
Jigs, Reels, Hobbit dances, Funny songs, Serious songs, with a Distinctlive Aleford twist!
Organisation status
Active (not recruiting)


Gennetta Aleford is the eldest of the two sisters in the band and as such has always been the leader.  Meticulous and paying great attention to detail, she is the hobbit who used to write and arrange all the music for the Sisters before they joined up with Toolee.  Gennetta will play tiny parts of the same song over and over again until she has got it perfect in her own ears. Her scores are very detailed!  Her lute playing is particularly superb, but is able to adapt to any instrument given a little time.


Allegretta Aleford is a wordsmith and singer.  She can read music and while she prefers to play theorbo, she is versatile and can play most instruments in a workhobbitlike fashion.  She also performs poems and has surprised audiences with her funny lyrics.   Allegretta likes to get away and fish or ride on her horse, Rafferty.  She puts this down to not being able to stay in the burrow and hear another song taken to pieces over and over and over again.

Toolee Twitchytoes has become a close friend, is an all rounder who can play any instrument, writes and arranges tunes and can also turn her hand to singing and writing lyrics.  She knows many unusual songs, and has introduced the Alefords to a lot of new tunes.  She has an uncanny ability to predict what the sisters are thinking and has slotted very neatly into the style of what The Alefords do in a way which has expanded and reinvigorated their music.


This is the second incarnation of The Aleford Band. The original band comprised the whole Aleford family - Ardo (Father), Gentian (Mother), Chord (Son), Gennetta and Allegretta along with another hobbit called Tommo Rubbins. The band toured all over Eriador from Forochel to Galtrev. Though quite young at the time the children were all skilled musicians having been taught their art by Ardo who now teaches other minstrels in Michel Delving. The band ceased playing after Gentian, Chord and Tommo died in tragic circumstances returning from a fair in Gwingris.

The Sisters settled down in the homestead of Oldfurlong and started performing as a duo in the Shire and Bree. They later became part of The Traveling Bilberries but have now left to pursue their love of music and song with Toolee Twitchtoes, recreating The Aleford Band as a trio.



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