Harvest Tales - Songs and Stories of the Harvest

Now the time tis turning ter Harvest, and the month of Winterfilth tis half done. What better time ter gather an celebrate the fine apple trees that give us such grand bounty!

Here's ter the pies, the jams and the cider!

Bring yer baskets, gather yer fill and raise a glass ter the mighty apple, and while we're there, why no tell some tales and raises the spirits!

So, if ye've a mind, ah welcome ye one and all ter join me in the mighty Appledore's orchard fer a time of tales and a few songs - if'n some would have a mind ter sing.

If ye wants ter sing, please lets me know and I'll put ye down fer the night.

Now ye needs ter know the times and such.

October 3rd, 2015
8 pm ( BST )
Appledores orchard, near the top o' The Hill - The Shire

Event details: OOC details:

This is a peaceful seasonal event in the Shire where you can share tales and songs inspired by the harvest and the changing of the season.  To register your interest please send a message in game to Nannie of the Shire. This event is open to all, tall and shorts .

Banner Art by Winslow Homer


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