Tinuvinil's Journal - Extract 6

Tis all good. Mithanor, my love in the next room of our quarters at Imladris, so fair and perfect. I intend to keep her company as long as I may. I am thankful now, that I have been granted duty leave for a short time as requested. For even a day without her is almost unbearable. How much I miss her, tis a weakness like no other. I have only been at the Halls of Elrond Halfelven for a few days now, travelling from Lothlorien. How much my homeland means to me, how much I want it safe. But Mithanor.. means so much more. So here I am, for a while, happier than ever as I spend my days with my love. It cannot get any better than this. Malliel; she is doing well, happier now than I have ever seen, and for that I'm glad. She is to be blessed, her and Andarne and how lucky the shall be when it is so. I met with her the other night, at the gathering in the Hall of Fire. Andarne; Mirkwood.. that is all to be said. He is out there, trying to make a difference. Many have been called back to aid in its defence. I have been across the water to that dark forest many a time, and little can be done, its condition; much like that of Loriens, is unchanged. The request that I join him has been raised. The Lady granted me leave, to see Mithanor. But when duties resume, I will be asked to head out there once more. I am more than happy to do so, as duties are duties; however I believe Mithanor is thoroughly against the idea of me joining the ranks out there. I will be expected to fight in Mirkwood for a few weeks.. how empty I feel without Mithanor for but a day. I do not know how I will cope. But perhaps the thought of returning to her will spur me on. O, how I love her. I will cease writing here, a wish not to waste a single moment that I have with her. Why do the days crawl by? If only we could wed now.. though we both wait in eager anticipation. For the day that we become one.