Baranor's Hall

Founding date
To honour Lord Brychan's memory.
Main area of operations
Kinship type
The Blackwolds
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Dormant (not recruiting)
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Just south of Bree-town there stood a building know as Baranor's Hall. The name was deceptive, for it was no hall but an ordinary farmhouse, the third building to stand on the site. The family that lived there however were descended from the very same Baranor that built the first hall. He was a great lord of Arthedain, dispatched by King Arvegil to guard Bree from the forces of Angmar. A fortress Baranor built, but it proved a poor place to raise a family, prompting him to contsruct a lodge just to the west and long after Ost Baranor had fallen into ruin, the family continued to dwell in the lodge. As for the the name of the house, it was Forester, for Baranor's son had been Lord High Forester of Arnor, managing the King's hunts in the Chetwood. It was Owæn Forester who tore down the first hall, for it was becoming too small to house his family and retainers. The third 'hall' meanwhile was built by Cedric Forester, who wished to make a home suited for the Bree-land gentry the family had become. When most of the Dúnedain retreated to the Angle or took up the life of a ranger, the Foresters sunk their roots deeper, intermarrying with the local people. As such, their lifespans shrank to those of ordinary Men, their heritage all but forgotten. They cut down the trees around the lodge and planted crops, trading the hunting-spear for the plough, yet the name of Forester still commanded respect in the Bree-lands. By the year 3019 the lord of Baranor's Hall was Brychan Forester, an old man whose wife was dead and his only son missing. To add to his woes, the harvests were bad and many of his retainers left to find work in Bree. When Brychan heard that the brigand Jasper Mudbottom had occupied the ancestral fortress of Ost Baranor, he saddled his horse and rode to eject the Blackwolds. He returned to the Hall sorely wounded, and did not see the dawn. With the line of Baranor seemingly come to an end, the surviving retainers knew not what to do...   

OOC: Baranor's Hall is not like other kinships; it does not seek to grow infinitely, nor does it seek to last forever. It does not seek to imitate fantasy cliches but rather create an authentic feudal atmosphere, more focused on mundane, everyday life than on war and adventure. If you want the opportunity to develop your character in close cooperation with other players and become truly immersed in Bree-land RP, then Baranor's Hall is the kinship for you! Come and join the household and partake in our daily woes and struggles!


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