Tinuvinil's Journal - Extract 4

Duties afore hearts.. Tis a notion I have always lived by.. However now; the heart glows brighter for another; than the satisfaction of my occupation. I continuously told myself the life of a family was not for me.. After my Fathers death and the Sailing of my Mother, I convinced myself that nothing would get in the way of my job. I was to be a Glandir, and nothing more. As the years have passed, in the company of others; I have noticed the way courting pairs look at one another; the trust and love so obvious it is untrue. Most of all, Malliel and Andarne.. My two closest friends, my family united only recently; and the event was spectacular.. It brings a joy to my heart to know they have each other. Love. What is it? Tis a warmth and glow, far beyond obvious recognition for me.. As such a feeling remained a mystery for me, 'till now. Tis a glimmer in all dark thoughts.. Something perfect in a broken dream.. At last - I know of it. For a time now; has been existent, however I pushed it aside, thinking nothing of it. But it grows.. more and more. I find my heart pounding beneath my chest when I see her, think of her.. O, how she is so perfect.. We took a walk, her and I.. to a Talan after the wedding of my friends. We stopped there; spoke of everything, exchanged stories.. and hidden feelings. My love is mutual.. I physically cannot imagine a tommorrow without her. Mithanor.. The star in my sky, The light to my dark, The Gem to my stone, The holder of my heart... The emptiness I feel when you are gone.. The warmth I feel when you are here.. My everything..